McDonald's doesn't support Chick-Fil-A.

My father knows a man named Bill Wheeler who loves Chick-Fil-A almost as much as he loves Jesus.  Bill recently posted this picture to his facebook.

Father decided to set him straight.

There are a few reaction that would’ve made sense on Bill’s part.

“Yikes!  Sorry for passing it off as legit.  Boy, do I have egg on my face.  Thanks for correcting me so I can no longer be an agent of misinformation.”


“That’s unfortunate.  A factually sound position shouldn’t need to doctor photos to make it look like other groups support us – especially groups who unequivocally don’t support us.”

But neither of them got used.

  • Jessica

    What gets me about that image is that somebody out there had the thought “Nobody can avoid McDonalds! They might boycott Chik-fil-a, but even the liberals will have to give in to the power of McDonalds! *evil laugh*”
    I haven’t been to Mickey D’s in over a year, for completely not political reasons, and think a lot of people spreading that false image could stand to eat a little less fast food, too.

    • kevin

      That struck me as odd, too. Is McDonalds somehow unboycottable? I haven’t set foot in a McDonalds for over 8 years (Not for political reasons, I actually rather enjoy Big Macs, I just don’t like the aftermath.)

      I guess in a sense I couldn’t boycott a McDonalds because to boycott I have to first be using the service

    • RowanVT

      I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s since their ad campaign that said eating their food was safer than petting a pit bull.

      I’ll take the pibble thanks.

    • iknklast

      Boycott McDonald’s? Gladly. I like food in my food. Never eat there. Anyone can be boycotted.

      On another note, McDonald’s is very lawsuit happy with people who even use the Mc portion of the name (including Scots). This should make them swoon, and get their lawyers hopping with delight.

  • anteprepro

    Oh, conservative humor. It is so…not humor.

    Just like conservative facts aren’t facts! #epiphany

  • Drivebyposter

    What I don’t get is how it’s still supposed to be funny? (Or how i was supposed to be funny in the first place)

    • Brownian

      What I don’t get is how it’s still supposed to be funny.

      As anteprepro noted, it’s conservative humour, where the ‘funny’ part is when the powerful bully pugnaciously puts those Others in their place.

      • Drivebyposter

        Yeah I get that conservative humor isn’t funny. But I always hear conservatives laughing at that type of joke with a “it’s funny because it’s true!” attitude (usually with stereotypes). I cannot begin to understand how a joke is supposed to be funny to anyone when the “Wit” or “cleverness” was objectively sucked out of it. The only thing that seems to be left of that joke is “haha! I’m imagining someone agreeing with me!”

        • anteprepro

          For conservatives, the pinnacle of humor is somebody getting kicked in the balls. The extra pinnacle is if that somebody is somebody that is a member of groups they hate. The most humorous of all messages to them is “That guy doesn’t respect our arbitrary traditions and institutions! Let’s watch as he gets what’s coming to him!”. At least, that’s what I’ve gleaned. I am too strapped for time to find relevant articles right now.

  • seadeatea

    My girlfriend just got out of an arguement about abortion, based on a terrible picture of a 12 week old fetus that looked like a fully developed child a little bigger than a hand.
    When she pointed out the picture was wrong(and shared links to credible sites showing this), they just dismissed her point and jumped right into typical religious based “How could you kill a baby!?” talk.
    It appears using lie that agrees with you needs no other evidence for truth than that it agrees with you. And you can also dismiss anything that counters it… Sometimes it sucks being on the reality based side of an arguement.

  • baal

    It’s not funny and an appeal to power…also an obvious and irrational lie. Dear Mr.Wheeler – you fail.

  • Bradley C

    I am constantly amazed at how far and wide false information gets spread on the internet, especially by people who really should know better. Facebook has become the best validation of confirmation bias I have ever seen.

  • BrianX

    The only time I ever eat at McDonalds is when I’m having one of those lights-in-the-eyes painless migraines that make me feel like the walking dead and mean i have to eat RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

    And even then it’s pretty low on my list of options.

  • Peter

    Aside from anything else, the concept of a fast food place publicly promoting a competitor to support religious prejudice is absurd. I suspect that if the sign were real the franchise owner would be a former franchise owner about 10 minutes after corporate HQ saw the picture.

  • fastlane

    I’m most surprised that you or your dad still have any non-liberal friends on your Fb accounts, with the unending stream of epic smackdowns he gives. Does he freind only masochists? (and those who like to laugh at them)

    Also, did this assclown unfriend you or your dad after this, or maybe after seeing his stupidity on a widely read blog? =)

  • Arancaytar

    Aw, for a second there I thought my avoidance of McDonalds would now have a moral component in addition to the health reasons. Never mind…

  • John Horstman

    Default Right-wing damage-control strategy: double-down and pivot. Repeat as necessary until people get sick of the debate. Praise Jesus!

  • Anonymous

    I THINK THE USA LOVES TO LIVE MAD ABOUT SOMETHING ALL THE TIME. I like to hear about American people standing together. We need to stand together to get jobs back in the u s a and start taking care of our own . We live in a country that’s should be backing the American people and wanting us to be successful . It should be time for the lower to middle class working people to be more successful. Instead we are seeing our jobs sent over seas because the rich just want to put more money in there pocket. Come on guys you rich how much is enough .

  • mickwright

    Pushy Christian doesn’t care if something’s real because it supports his position.

    Stop the fuckin’ presses.