Punish PZ, save the world. Win-win.

Ok, recall that the Stiefel Freethought Foundation is teaming up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Foundation Beyond Belief to, well, do all that stuff that prayer has failed to put even a minute dent in.

Well, you can now register for a Light the Night team.  Tell your friends, and tell them they can do it up to July 14.  Additionally, an anonymous donor will give $1 to LLS for every new walker registered during Registration Week.  If they meet their goal of 5,000 new walkers, LLS will receive $10,000, thanks to matching by the Stiefel family!  Not only that…

If they get to 5,000 walkers, not only will the ever-professional Todd Stiefel get a mohawk, PZ Myers and Hemant Mehta will both get tatoos.  Remember that Camp Quest fundraiser last year where Team Awesome won and had to do all kinds of terrible things (FSM-knows I remember)?

Our revenge is nigh.

They also have a huge collection of other promotions going.  For instance, you could win a kindle fire!  Check ’em out and support this project any way you can, whether it’s with your money or with your legs.

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