Seriously, atheist Guild Wars 2 guild

Ok, tons of ideas for the guild.  Here is what I think we should go with.

Guild name:  Godless

It’s concise, to-the-point, and forces people to clutch their pearls at the idea that atheists are playing this game.

Guild server:  Gates of Madness

*NEW*  Guild facebook group:  Click here!

Because we’re so, so angry.  :P

Now for characters.  If you know what your main will be, leave it in a comment and I’ll add it to a list here.  Also, who wants to get together for the next beta weekend?  I plan to take a break most of that weekend to play.  :)

Also, if you’d like to toss your name in the hat for running the guild, let me know.  We want casual and hardcore players alike.  I will be a casual player, so the guild had better accommodate them!

The game is actually very supportive of casual players.  If a high level player comes to play with you in your area, they will be leveled down so the two of you are on equal footing and so the high level player doesn’t wipe the area.

There are a lot of people who are unsure.  I’ll do another post when the game is released updating the info.  Names on this list with an asterisk are running for leadership position in the guild.

Guild members:

JT Eberhard – Asuran Engineer

Josh Stein – Sylvari Thief

Maki – Norn Engineer/Thief

Marisemae – Norn Ranger

KeganL – Human Necromancer*

Daniel Schealler (Kairos.9354) – Charr Engineer

eNeMeE – Charr Elementalist

juan davidsanchez daza – Charr Ranger

Jen R. – Human Necromancer

Jen Grant – Human Necromancer

J. Goard – [undecided] Mesmer

Mutsumi – Human/Sylvari Thief

Carina – [undecided] Elementalist

IslandBrewer – Charr Warrior

Chris Baily – Charr Engineer

theAtheistAxolotl – Charr Necromancer

RenDP – Human Mesmer

NightRaith – Charr Engineer/Norn Guardian

Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach – Charr Engineer

Matt Martin – Charr Warrior

Epinephrine – Sylvari Engineer

Daytheist – Asura/Charr Necromancer

Mizzet – Charr Engineer

GAMING: My brother and I holding the line by kiting forever.
GAMING: God-tier game as Kalista.
Gaming post: god mode engaged.
Gaming and Religion
About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • julian

    hmmm…may actually have to get this game.

    You know, once I get my laptop back.

    ((How the fuck does a hardrive give out after 2 months??!?))

    • John Horstman

      Was it from Lenovo? Mine’s acquired massive corruption three time over the past year – the kinds that wipes all documents and breaks system files but somehow isn’t recognized by chkdsk (on the plus side, re-imaging is a snap with their backup and restore software). My conclusion is that they use shit parts for hard drives.

      • Stevarious

        Lenovo doesn’t make their hard drives any more than most of the other major laptop manufacturing companies do. They all just buy their drives from Western Digital or Seagate or Toshiba or Maxtor.

        And of course, nearly all the hard drives are made in the same small cluster of factories outside of Bangkok, with the same companies providing the raw materials. The employees probably rotate around like teenagers making the rounds of all the fast food restaurants in a small town.

        That is to say, every laptop manufacturer has nearly identical rates of hard drive failure, because they have no control and only the barest hint of an illusion of choice. For every hard drive that dies in two months, there’s another drive that will last fifteen years. Beating the Bell curve is like that.

        • julian

          That’s what I figured the situation was.

          Kinda depressed to get the confirmation though…

  • booger

    I’d like to play, but I’ve been addicted to Diablo 3 for the past few weeks. Maybe when I get tired of that, I’ll check out Guild Wars 2.

  • Leni

    I would totally join, but I haven’t got GW2 yet :/

    Maybe in a month or two when I get caught up on bills? Post updates!

  • Maki

    Game’s not out yet, you have until the end of August ;)

    I’m in! I’ll either have an engineer or a rogue, not 100% sure yet. Most likely an engineer.

    • JT Eberhard

      Got your eye on a particular race? :)

      • Maki

        Likely Norn. Love the god-killing Charr, but they look silly in helmets/hoods. Hoping to decide for sure during next beta weekend.

    • IslandBrewer

      Playing the Thief in GW2, to me, felt very very different from playing Rogues in WoW or Rift. The “permanent stealth” mechanic is gone (there’s the temporary stealth for initiating attacks), and it’s much more combat oriented like a traditional warrior than “attack combo” oriented, I thought. I also kept changing weapons, so I never mastered any one group of weapon skills effectively.

      I think it’s a lot of fun, but I just didn’t quite get the hang of it last beta.

      In WoW, I roleplayed a Tauren hunter who thought he was a rogue. I’m definitely going to have a Charr Thief as one of my alts.

      • Daniel Schealler

        I played a human thief last Beta, and it took me a while to get out of the habit of trying to play it like a traditional thief from other games.

        The thief plays more like an ‘condition warrior’ than I was expecting. There’s a good range of interesting conditions on most of the weapon combos that make them very tactical to play offensively. Which unfortunately wasn’t what I was going for – I wanted a stealthy-burst-dps, so it didn’t work for me… But it could very well work for someone else.

        Note: In the last Beta, the poison condition reduces the effectiveness of healing by a significant percentage. Given that everyone can self heal, that translates to a surprising amount of ‘damage’ if the opponent attempts to self-heal while poisoned, on top of the DoT effect. It’s a very interesting tactical modification to what would otherwise have been the same old boring DoT-poison effect.

    • leni

      @ Maki, I meant for the pre-release. You need that for the beta events, no?

      I don’t even have the $60 or $80 or whatever it is for that :/

      But I just got a new job so I will by August!

      • Daniel Schealler

        JT should run a donation drive.

        Idea being that the funds could be used to pay for subscriptions for players here, and that the players here would then pay back the subscription fee when they are able to do so.

        Once the fee is paid back, give it to SSA.

        I’d donate.

        • Crimbly

          The game itself costs money, but doesn’t require a subscription afaik.

          • leni

            Yep that’s right. But awesome idea anyway :)

  • schpounts

    is it open for anybody on FTB? or is it for an “elite”.

    I mean, I’m not really a well known follower of FTB (but I do it everyday!), but I could be interrested to join you on the quest to defeat the evil!

    and join “the godless” to do so would be… well… kinda funny!

    two problems :
    1 : I love to play computer games, but i suck at it! (ask my roommate…^^).
    2 : I’m from Europe (Belgium FTW :D), could be a time zone problem.

    except that… I’m in!

    • JT Eberhard

      Open to everybody. I’m a casual player myself. :) “Elite” is silly!

      Also, European versions of the game will still allow characters to play on US servers, so you’re good. :)

      • schpounts

        wow, an answer from THE JT.:D

        nice, thank you. happy to know we’re all allowed:p.

        Well, I’ll be schpounts, but don’t know what carracter.

  • josh

    josh stein – sylvari thief.
    (this might not end up being my actual name, and I will try out different professions, like mesmer)

    P.S – I would love to do a meet up during the next beta trials!

  • jimbaerg

    I much prefer ‘godfree’ to ‘godless’.

  • Ren

    I’m playing Rift right now but just may have to check this out. My daughter played GW1 for like a month but that’s about all of the exposure I have had to the GW world. Server name noted, and my player name usually Gardenia or Annise depending on race/alignment and name availability. Beta is out for me as the next 2 weeks are nutso with work and TAM, but I’ll check it out :) If there is a caster-type, I usually do those since I love to blow stuff up. Barring that, I’ll roll me a healer.


    • josh
      • josh

        and there is no healer

        • John Horstman

          Looking at the info on their site, I’m pretty sure one could roll a Guardian as a healer, at the very least.

          • josh

            it might seem like that, but it isn’t. everyone self heals.

    • IslandBrewer

      Hey Ren,

      By any chance, did you play WoW, Lethon server, Horde?

      • Ren

        I sure didn’t. I tried WoW for about a week and didn’t really care for it. MMOs are kind of like lovers. You never forget your first. EQ1 was my first about 14 years ago,and Gardenia was born. I always try to “reserve” that name when games first come out as it seems to be a popular one. There’s almost always one on any given server if the game population is high enough.

        ***we did a server transfer a month ago and Gardenia was taken. I had to rename myself Gardeenia. Some goody two shoes Guardian has my name and if I ever see her in a place were we can PvP, Imma totally own her ass. Then I’ll take screenshots :)

  • josh

    on another note, I might just work under the name “asmodius” if it isn’t taken or some iteration of that name

  • otrame

    Okay, one important question.


    Because Star Wars Old Republic.

    • josh


  • Cato

    Hell yeah I’m in. No idea what I’m going to play though yet, I’ll probably have to make one of each and play them all until I settle on one.

    • josh

      and the cool thing is that you can try out each profession at their most powerful, right up to level 80 in pvp mode, so you don’t even have to level them up there. :)

  • Molch

    I’m leaning towards Guardian or Ranger but I’m not sure until I actually played the game. Speaking of which, does anyone know when the next beta weekend takes place?

  • Wren, a Tru Hoppist

    My husband and I will probably try it. We’ve never done anything with GW though, so we have no idea what we want to play.

  • shaunphilly

    I may perpetuate the name I used for my WOW main (now defunct); Iestrin. I may choose the name of the main character in my novel; Brax. I may choose a new name completely. If I had access to beta, I would know that sooner.

    As for what race/profession, I don’t know yet. I don’t know as much about the lore etc for Guild Wars, so I will have to read up a bit before deciding. Right now I’m leaning Norn/Human and I like engineer/ranger.

    I’ll know more when I get the game.

  • Rick Craig

    You know, I would do this if Guild Wars was free, like LotR Online. But I’m simply too cheap to participate in this sort of “atheist fun” when it can be had for free (albeit minus the “atheist” angle – although adding it is just a matter of doing so) at so many other sites across the web.

    • John Horstman

      One-time cost of $60 (here in USA – not sure if you’re in one of those regions with unjustifiable mark-up), no monthly fees, no asinine buy-you-way-to-victory real-cash marketplace. Cut out a cup of coffee from a coffee retailer every day for a month, and you have the cash. :-)

  • marismae

    I’ve already pre-ordered the game ^^ So excited for this one! I plan on having a Norn Huntress at least. And I was thinking of a Sylvari Mage.

    I know I want at least one alt in Godless! And I’ve already announced to hubby that this will be our server >.> LOL

  • KeganL

    I’ll be playing.

    Human Necromancer. I will probably go by the name Valyon. I’ll also toss my hat into the ring for GL/Officer.

    • KeganL

      Also, maybe Elementalist, because if we already have a few Necros running around I want to make sure our guild has a balance of everything.

  • IslandBrewer

    Yay, I suggested the name, and for that, I will award myself a cookie!

    I’m going to make, inter alia, a Charr Warrior named Faol Iceheart (or something like that – I’ll likely change my mind several times, I’ll let you know).

    As much as I’d like to meet up in the beta in July, I’ll be travelling then (which is kind of a bummer, because I wanted to try all those professions I hadn’t tried before.)

    Also, do we want a rule about alts in the guild? Restricted to your main, only? Infinite alts? Something in-between?

    • JT Eberhard

      Infinite alts. :)

      • IslandBrewer

        Put me down for one of each!

        (How ’bout just a Charr Warrior for the list, though.)

  • John-Henry Beck

    I am seriously considering the pre-purchase before the beta this month. Spending notable amount to get drug in to the MMO time sink.
    I even already took off the 20th in case.
    I blame you, JT.

    My guess is I’m likely to try a human or sylvari ranger, but I figure the beta period is for figuring that out.
    No idea on a name yet.

    I’d definitely be a casual player mucking with solo play a lot.

    • Daniel Schealler

      You might want to reconsider that until they post the times the beta will start/close.

      My time zone is +12, so for me the previous BETA started at Saturday at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. I think that this meant it started on Friday afternoon for US people, but I could be wrong – I hate timezone conversions, always stuff them up.

      Point is, it could be the case that the Beta starts on Friday afternoon for you, depending on the actual time the servers open. Which they haven’t released yet (to my knowledge). Which could make taking a day off a bit of a waste.

      Just FYI.

      Depending on the close time, I’m probably going to take Monday off to enjoy as much as I can of the tail end… Even though that’s typically when WvW sucks the most because everyone’s offline.

      • John-Henry Beck

        I could really use the time off anyway. Plenty of other things to be doing, between games I’d like to play and chores I need to do…

        But, yes, being Central US time I figured it would be some time on Fri for me. And that I’ll likely be busy the rest of the weekend even if it starts late.

        Good thoughts, though.

  • anthonyallen

    You people with your “I have social skills” really make me jealous :(

    • IslandBrewer

      I haz what, now?

    • eNeMeE

      The who with the what now?

  • Chris

    Ooh, I want in! But this is my first beta event, so I have no idea what I’ll be playing. I’m definitely trying out an engineer. That steampunk turret in the Nord vid is super sexy.

  • josh

    here are two more game reviews and discussions. The first one discusses Guilds and their flaws.

    • josh

      Hey JT, I think you should watch these videos (in the link) about guild creation, I find them to very relevant.

  • John Horstman

    I pre-ordered; my account handle is JohannVII.8723 (side note – really needs a top-level link to I’m not sure about class yet, though I’m leaning toward warrior or ranger (possibly guardian for heals?). The GW2 site has no info about functional differences between races (the wiki info is pretty limited)), so I have no clue what I’ll be playing until I can actually get into the game. I’m leaning toward Charr based on story, but Sylvari apparently have more healing skills, so I might go for that.

    • Ewout

      @John Horstman

      Skills are based on class, not race.

      • Daniel Schealler

        I thought there was a very small number of race-specific utility and ultimate skills?

        • Ewout

          You’re right, of course. How could I forget about the charzooka.

      • John Horstman

        Ya, I’m just basing my info on the wiki and GW2 official site; the wiki says, “The sylvari racial skills focus on themes of plant manipulation and the sylvari dream. Interviews have stated the sylvari have more healing skills than other races.”

        I’m also wondering why sapient plant creatures produced by (apparently) budding have: 1) binary gender; and 2) breasts for one of the binary genders. Is the human-analogue physiology justified in the mythology?

        • IslandBrewer

          Well, for one, plants can be gender binary, even if they were produced asexually. Just because plants possess more than one type of reproduction, doesn’t mean they can’t possess one single sex for sexual reproduction.

          Ah, after reading up, the Sylvari aren’t produced by budding – they’re the product of sexual reproduction (ie, they come from fruit). They obviously aren’t the fruit, themselves, that would make them all identical. They’re the daughter (which refers both to males and females) plants grown from seeds inside the fruit. The Pale Tree (from which they fruited) is unique, and so must have had either hermaphroditic flowers or both male and female flowers on the same tree (dioecious). Either way, the tree is both their mother and father.

          I was going to make a joke about stamens and anthers, but couldn’t quite.

          As for the breasts, that’s … they’re … um, symmetrical insect galls?

          • John Horstman

            Do bisexual plants typically (or ever) produce monosexual offspring, though (my knowledge of plant biology is restricted to that of relevance to the horticulture of what I grow in my garden)? Granted, we have a reality that has ‘magic’, so this probably qualifies as over-thinking something that should fall under “suspension of disbelief”. Maybe the Sylvari aren’t actually the offspring of The Pale Tree but instead are the functional equivalent of gametes? They recombine with other opposite-sexed Sylvari to produce new Pale Trees?

            Sadly, the mammaries on non-mammalian species (like lizard-people) trope that is so overused when creating anthropomorphized mythical creatures always drives me batty. I mean, natural selection still would happen even in a reality with an intelligent designer of some sort, so said designer would need to be CONSTANTLY guiding the evolutionary path of all species to wind up with sapient descendents from non-nursing species that also have breasts, something to which no gods in fantasy settings that I’ve encountered ever devote any attention. They’re always wrapped up in political contests, which makes me wonder who’s doing the heavy lifting of keeping reality in existence.

          • IslandBrewer

            Oooh! Sylvari are sentient pollen! And sentient ova. Hmmm.

            I’m certain there must be some species or varieties that vary from dioecious to monoecious (monosexual to bisexual), but I can’t think of any specific examples. It would shock me if there weren’t any – plants notoriously play fast and loose with sex, sexual expression, – hell, some plants will spontaneously double their genome in their offspring, making their daughters a literally a different species (ok, that’s up to some interpretation).

            But as far as plant boobs go … yeah, that requires you deaden a few neurons if you start thinking about it too much.


            Oops, I should have said “monoecious” in the previous post about the Pale Tree.

          • kagekiri

            Apparently, lore is that their mother tree was planted on human graves, so used human frames (and ostensibly clothes/modesty mores, as flesh doesn’t last long…) for the foundation of its children. So it was kinda cribbing human structure for its design…

            And to be fair to GW2, both the Asura and Charr don’t do any of the “every female needs obviously human breasts!” sort of thing. Asura look pretty awesomely non-human (very lizardy), and the anthropomorphic cats…are anthropomorphic without actually having breasts (unlike WoW, which gave werewolf and tauren females breasts…).

            The sylvari are looking pretty awesome, seeing from some released previews of their character creation. Bark protrusions, leaf/insect patterned clothes growing out of their skin, bio-luminescent patches in their skin, and so on. They still look a bit like a human in super-heavy makeup/prosthetics, but it’s a pretty awesome look.

          • kagekiri

            Oops, okay, maybe that skeleton explanation isn’t part of lore, my bad; it’s fan speculation.

  • Daniel Schealler

    Daniel Schealler – Charr Engineer

    Also: Are we doing anything for the final beta?

    • Daniel Schealler

      *re-reads the original post properly*



      We are doing something for the final beta.


  • eNeMeE

    Going to be playing, probably a Charr elementalist

    • Daniel Schealler

      Pfft. Heathen magics. :P

  • juan davidsanchez daza

    I’m definitely joining in the beta weekend! Charr ranger is gonna be my main I believe, my character names always have “Typo” in there, don’t know if gonna change the one I already have for the charr in the betas to something else. Anyways, so glad you can join multiple guilds at the same time in GW2, gonna have to dowload the GW2 app when they release it so I can keep in touch with the godless heathens in game while not playing! Hope to see ya in game!

  • Jen R.

    My main will probably be a human necromancer although I reserve the right to change that. I’m really excited about this new guild and I’d be glad to help on whatever level I’m needed.

    • Jon R.

      Allo Lovies,

      Here are my character choices in no specific order:”

      Norn Ranger
      Sylvari Necro
      Sylvari Ele
      Asuran Thief
      Asuran Guardian

      Names to be determined and implemented during the 3-day head start.
      Looking forward to seeing you all there at the next beta and the release party!!

  • Mikey

    Any word on a Planetside 2 Atheist outfit? :D

  • Jen Grant

    Human Necromancer

  • ishkodewaaboo

    I’m definitely in. I had ~20 minutes of playtime on the load test the other day, so that really didn’t give me a chance to get a good look at the professions. I’ll be doing that during the next beta weekend.

    I’m leaning towards Mesmer, Warrior or Elementalist as my first choices, but Engineer, Necro and Thief look fun too. No idea for race. I have some names in mind, but will be keeping them to myself until I’ve reserved them in the head start :p

    I am definitely in for Godless guild on Gates of Madness! (Sidenote: I would probably have picked that server anyway, very Lovecraftian name.) I’m a casual, so not looking for any officer position, just cool people to run with. I do love me some PvP though, hopefully I won’t be the only one.

    • JT Eberhard

      I’m a PvP junkie. ;)

      • Daniel Schealler

        PvP didn’t really do it for me.

        But WvW was addictive.

      • ishkodewaaboo

        Nice. That was the only thing that kept me in WoW for so long.

        How’s PvP work anyway? I know there’s WvW stuff, which sounds awesome, but is there, like, free for all world PvP? Flagging? Or can you only PvP in certain zones/instances? I don’t see anything designating servers as PvE/PvP.

        • ishkodewaaboo

          …not that it matters how it works, I’m gonna play anyway and find a way to melt some faces in PvP, WvW, whatever it’s called.

  • otocump

    DAMNIT…now you made me look at videos and now I’m going to have to buy it.

    I’m in.

    (Now posted in the correct thread!)

    • JT Eberhard

      w00t! :)

  • J. Goard

    Not doing beta becuase of D3 and Real Life (TM) time constraints, but I’ll be there for the release, playing a mesmer of undetermined race. I’d love to join you, although since I’m in Korea it might be a little tricky to coordinate times…

  • Stevarious

    Booo…. how come nobody plays DDO? It’s so awesome with the new expansion pack that just came out.

  • Carina

    Defo meetup for Beta weekend! Please add me to guild

    Carina – (undecided) Elementalist

  • violet

    I’m not doing beta because of little time and also, I would rather just start with my real character when the game comes out. I’m a very casual game player due to time constraints, but I am super excited about this game, so I’ll keep tabs on what you all are up to and try to join you when it starts.

  • Mutsumi

    Sign up one Human/Sylvari Thief.

    The name will epend on availability a bit, but I’m aiming for Lyfa.

  • briandurden

    Wish I had time to play. Too busy in The Secret World to play other games. The skills system in TSW is amazingly configurable and very in-depth. Guild Wars and its relatives couldn’t hold my attention for all that long, not a fan of private instance games.

    By the time I’m done with TSW, it will be time for Planetside2.

    • Daniel Schealler

      For the record, GW2 only has limited private instances when it comes to developing your character’s storyline – which you don’t even have to do if you don’t want to.

      The old Guild Wars model of the wilderness being privately instanced has been dropped in GW2. Focus on GW2 is on encouragement to form transient parties with other players in the wild. It’s a hella different beast to GW.

      So don’t cross GW2 off your list simply on grounds of private instances being annoying. :p

  • Chris Bailey

    I’m in. I’ll likely play several different characters, but I’ll probably go for a Charr Engineer first. Possible name of Eviserick. I don’t have the beta yet, and I’m not sure if you can still get in, but I’ll definitely be there for the release!

    • Daniel Schealler

      For the Iron Legion!


  • theAtheistAxolotl

    Haven’t bought the game yet, but hopefully will before the next beta weekend.

    Name will be something along the lines of Mike_N_Ike and I will be playing a charr necromancer.

  • RenDP

    Ok, put me down for Gardenia, Human Mezmer, and I’d like to suggest a slight modification to the guild name: Godless Heathens. Just my 2 pence worth :-)

  • curt

    How bout a guild name of “Higgs-Boson” :-)

    • RenDP

      Not “in your face” enough.

  • IslandBrewer

    One reason I like the name “Godless” is because it’s the title of a book right wing dog whistle piece by *eyetwitch/hyperventilate/ragepunchthewall* Anne Coulter*. I like reclaiming what were meant to be defamatory words.

    *If you’re not from the US, or have been living under a rock, Anne Coulter is, um, a highly presentable, well regarded right wing pundit from whom the most absolutely vile, insulting, illogical, idiotic, demonstrably false and intentionally incendiary statements issue, like a burst sewer pipe of the worst right wing “arguments”. On the rare occasion that she’s called on her nonsense, she uses the tired tropes of “you’re infringing on my free speech by criticizing me” and “it’s just a joke, lighten up!”.

  • Mutsumi

    As a side note, I’m note seeing all that many guardians on that list. Not that it’s a huge deal, just that if someone is thinking about doing a char that there aren’t too many in the guild, then it might be worth a look.

    • Molch

      I’ll propably be playing a guardian (human or sylvari). But since I’ve not played the game yet I’m going to have to wait for the next beta to decide.

  • Quentin

    Totally would love to join… Unfortunately, I’m already pledged to a few others in Ehmry Bay server. Sad panda.

    • IslandBrewer

      You can totally play your character on different servers! At login, you can spawn (or whatever verb) your character on a different server as a “visitor” and play with your different server friends! Then you can switch back and melt their faces in WvW!

      • IslandBrewer

        A clarification.

        You will be able to “guest” on another server on which you have friends. Don’t know exactly how it will work (if you have to be “invited” by a friend or what), but Arenanet has said that it will instituted by launch. You just can’t play with your different server friends in WvW.

  • NightRaith

    Charr Engineer and Norn Guardian

  • Dave, the Kwisatz Haderach

    W00t! I’m in. Charr Engineer all the way. Iron Legion, creators of the cattlepult.

  • mattmartin

    Sign me up!

    Matt Martin – Charr Warrior

    We should make a Facebook group for the guild.. or something.

  • Epinephrine

    I will be on whatever world my main guild selects, but I may be able to pop in and do stuff via other mechanisms, so count me in.

    My main will likely be a Sylvari Engineer (name: Epi Phyte).

    Worth noting, looks like we get to check out Sylvari and Asura next beta event (yay!)

  • Daytheist

    Likely an Asura or Charr Necromancer.

  • kagekiri

    Count me in! I’ll probably have a sylvari and an asura to get a feel for their stories and see which I’ll be having a crack at first.

    Oh yeah, and there’s a new video from a French guild that got to try a build with the Asura ahead of the 3rd BWE.

  • Mizzet

    I’ll be in if possible- Engineer, probably Charr, not sure on a name yet.

  • jehk

    I’ve always wanted to make a guild called Apostate. I’ll make sure to roll on that server and will probably play something that blows things up.

    • Drakk

      You mention that, and having played the original Guild Wars I remember there being a skill called “Order of Apostasy”.

  • Jon R.

    Allo Lovies,

    I goofed earlier and posted under my wife’s post, oopsie.

    Here are my character choices in no specific order:”

    Norn Ranger
    Sylvari Necro
    Sylvari Ele
    Asuran Thief
    Asuran Guardian

    Names to be determined and implemented during the 3-day head start.
    Looking forward to seeing you all there at the next beta and the release party!!

  • invivoMark

    I’m seriously considering crashing your guild, if I get the game. I’m thinking asura mesmer or elementalist, if I do.

  • Daniel Schealler

    Update for the list.

    My User ID is Kairos.9354

  • Atheara

    Hey, I want in! I’ll be a (probably) Sylvari mesmer…

  • David

    I went ahead and added you guys on facebook, my name is David on there as well. I was planning on playing a Norn thief, my tag is Tyrion.9712 and I would love to join the guild and start playing with you guys once the pre-release opens on the 25th. Thanks!