Skepticon art contest!

It’s a little less than four months out, but I’m already pumped about Skepticon 5.  Of course, it’s my baby, so I’m already attached to it.  But I also want to see what the new crew does with it.  Last year they exceeded anything I could have ever dreamed of.  I suspect this year will be the same.

But mostly, the event is just centered around learning while being fun!  No interest in bringing people in for profit, since the event makes none.  Everything about the event is laid back and with a good sense of humor.  For instance, I hear there is new dark magic afoot on the Skepticon web site!  Be sure to check it out (and beware completing the ritual, I’m told it will bring evil to the Skepticon website for about 15 minutes).

Anyway, last year I was messing around with photoshop and made a Skepticon 4 wall image for facebook.

Not bad for a guy without a clue.  However, I know some of you out there have clues.  :)

Until, say, Sunday night, I’m going to run a contest for who can make the best Skepticon 5 facebook portrait and the best Skepticon 5 facebook cover image.  The winners will get thrown up on the blog for all the world to download and use.

Submit images to wwjtd21 [at] gmail [dot] com.  :)  Enjoy!  (Don’t summon the beast, whatever you do!)

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