Talk from Madison Freethought Festival: why the arguments for god's existence suck


  • invivoMark

    Hey, I remember this! You rocked! And early on a Saturday morning, too!

  • Kevin

    Excellent talk.

  • mauroquercia

    Actually,the argument of the “feeling of God” is a pretty good one.
    As a devout Italian Pastafarian, I swear I feel God every day… and it’s really delicious, too. :-)

    JT, you are great, a real inspiration for every atheist in the world!

  • Mark

    Y U NO Q&A?

  • eric

    evidence or GTFO

  • Martin

    JT, you’re such an excellent speaker. Great talk with some real substance (and funny as hell too :)

  • Brad

    Awesome, JT!

    I really, really like the “two-sentence” responses to each of those common arguments. Have you written those up for the blog yet? I love the idea of being able to respond so quickly to each point with something that can really make them stop and think, that’s a powerful tool!

    Maybe you can print up some “JT Tracks” we can leave at bus stops, and hand out with halloween candy? ;)

  • MLR

    Fast-paced and to the point. Winning indeed. And this might come in handy for me. A friend from high school recently added me on Facebook, and he’s a young-Earth creationist. Not sure what his views were back in the day since it didn’t really come up much, but I knew he was devout. Anyway, I can’t wait to use some of this ammunition on his beliefs. It’s sad because he’s a smart guy, and I hate to see his intellect wasted on all the mental gymnastics required for his belief system. So even though I want to shatter his worldview, I feel like it’s for his own good. Do you feel the same way debating the religious?

  • IslandBrewer

    Awesome, sir. I was waiting for you to put up a post like this.


  • schpounts

    Hello from Belgium,

    one mandatory thing for you JT. And if you don’t comply, I’m gonna hunt you down : Don’t stop! just.. don’t! never ever!

    you are too good.

    I would agree if you begin a career as a stand up comedian… as long as you continue to trash religion and smack some sense into those trouble minds.

    Thank you very very much