Two million views!

Today WWJTD cleared the 2,000,000 view mark.

I remember when I joined back in October and had my first 3,000 hit day.  I was beside myself that so many people gave two shits what I had to say about anything.  I was ready to hang that one up as a trophy, sure that it would never happen again.

Ditto with my first 4,000 hit day shortly thereafter.

Ditto for 5,000.

Now, nine months later, I can’t remember the last time I had a 3,000 hit day, even on the slowest days when I don’t post anything.  Of course, the hits aren’t at all why I do any of the work/writing that I do.  But the growth in traffic has been a very flattering surprise.  I love the little nerdtastic godless community here and I love being on Freethoughtblogs.  I’m lucky to share this stage with some real luminaries and to have the opportunity to learn from the other writers as well as the commentariat.

Thanks for reading, everybody!  I wish we could throw a party.  :)  Hopefully see you at 3,000,000 (which might be around Skepticon 5…so maybe we can make the 10th death threat party at Skepticon 5 into a 3mil hits + 10th death threat party).  :)

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