Armless friend-promotion

Christina here…

One of my best friends, Tisha, decided to create a Youtube channel.

I think you should go watch, because Tisha shows you how do to ALL THE THINGS with your feet – she has no arms.


YouTube Preview Image




YouTube Preview Image


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  • Steph

    I am sharing this on my Facebook page. Amazing. To have her dexterity…

  • Armored Scrum Object

    MYTH: Humans are awesome because we have opposable thumbs.


    • Christina

      She kinda has one opposable toe. =D

  • F

    How cool is that, right?

    Now I’m racking my brain trying to remember who produced an hour program (probably on public TV, I don’t recall commercials), likely in the ’70s, about a young mother who was also armless. I have a vivid image of her picking up a melon with her foot in a grocery store. It was noted that shopping with feet apparently disturbed some customers, and I recall thinking the equivalent of “WTF”.

    • Orion3T

      It probably doesn’t occur to most people that they aware of the need to wash their feet just as often (probably more often) as most people wash their hands.

      As Tisha points out, using your feet for everything probably makes you even more aware of the importance of washing. And I can imagine her floors are cleaner than most people’s too!

      I have a friend who is missing his lower forearm and hand, and he had some amazing ways of getting stuff done. But Tisha takes it to a new level!

      Thanks for sharing.

  • durga

    That’s impressive. I wonder if she gets those foot cramps a lot?

  • Daniel Fincke

    Reminds me of the armless woman who flies planes with her feet.

    • F

      And corrective lenses. Aviation licensing has come a long way, too.

  • RJ Langley

    One of my earliest memories is of seeing a man play guitar with his feet on TV. I was about three at the time so can’t at all remember now whether his playing was comparable to an armed (is that the correct adjective? Armful? Dextrous?) person but I remember being quite in awe of it at the time.

    • Daniel Fincke

      One of my earliest memories is of seeing a man play guitar with his feet on TV.

      Like this?

  • Icy Cantu

    Inspirational videos!

    Here is another amazing story: