Be careful what you ask for, you might get a shitload of it.

An acquaintance of my father’s on facebook posted this picture…

…with the following comment.

Abortion is nothing but MURDER. There is always another way no matter what the problem is ,no matter how bad the situation may seem. If you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy- find or call a church in your area and the pastor will put you
in touch with people who will help you. Abortion-Murder should not be an option.Everyone should look at this picture and many others like this before thinking about Abortion,then call a church pastor that would love to help you save a life.

Dad read it and ignored it.

Later the guy posted a comment…

@ Mr. John Eberhard, I was waiting for a reply on if you would be for aborting baby in above picture. I simply can’t understand how anyone could be for abortion.Your past posts on Kevin’s page pro-abortion(cluster of cells),just at what point of pregnancy does it bring a tear to ones eyes? I can see where a person could think they had no way out of a troubled situation and seek an abortion as a way out,but that doesn’t have to happen.I would like to say again that no matter how bad the situation or trouble financially a woman does have another option. She or even if it’s a couple making that decision can call any local church and that minister can put you in touch with people that can help them and save a life.Sometimes I’ve read about pro-abortion people being very vocal in their so called cruelty to animals(beef farmers) or strongly against the death penalty for mass murderers of women & children. I really have a problem understanding how some people’s minds are wired.John you mentioned in one post no feelings for God, I had the feeling of God inside when each one of my children were born.It was like watching a miracle happening.This post is to explain what the feelings I described to you were that I said I had when I looked at the above picture.The feeling I had when each one of my children were born and the connect I had with God in the blessing of each one of my children. I just wanted you to understand that this is a very different topic for me and why. I will poke & jab debate over politics Democratic & Republican and have fun ,but on this topic I’m not out to prove any thing to anyone other than to show what life looks like at this stage of pregnancy and share my feelings and why many share my view.

Though tagged, dad ignored him.  A few days later the guy commented again.

Several days and still no reply to picture.Must not have an opinion?

Having turned the other cheek once already, dad apparently did not feel obliged to do so again.

Why, Dan, I do believe you are taunting me. You shouldn’t do that. I am disgusted at the overweening hubris that allows you to think you have the right to make medical decisions for every woman in this country. People like you who have such smug self-righteousness and certainty in their opinions that they feel it gives them the right to run the lives of other people…especially in areas that are about their personal body, as well as decisions that are best made between a woman, her family, her doctor, and her god (if any)……are evil.

Just who the hell do you think you are to assume that power? Dictator Dan?

Your narrowminded drive to deprive women of the right to make decisions about their own body terrifies me. Who gets to make decisions about YOUR body for YOU, Dan? Do whatever emotions got stirred for me when my babies took a dump give me a right to direct what you do with YOUR colon? No? Then why do your stirred emotions give you the power to decide what a woman does with her body?

What amazes me is that the anti-choice screamers like you aren’t doing the best possible and simplest things to prevent abortions. That would be funding and promoting broad based sex education and making contraception free and readily available….So that fewer people have unwanted pregnancies!!!!! If you don’t want abortions, that is how you stop them. If, instead, you want to force your narrow minded moral views on to other people by using the government and the law as a cudgel, then you do……exactly what you are doing.

Let’s don’t kid ourselves this is about abortion: this is about forcing your screwed up religious need to punish sex and to control women onto people who don’t kowtow to you. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be using such a piss poor way of stopping abortions, but instead using practical methods that have been proven to work.

Knowing my dad, I know this was the equivalent of a warning shot.  Is it bad that I’m kind of hoping the guy doesn’t pay it heed?  *grabs popcorn*

My dad is bad enough, but after reading the exchange my mother realized what was in the picture.  After she communicated that to dad, he followed up with this comment.

TDan….your “picture” of a 12 week old fetus……ISN’T a picture of a 12 week old fetus. It is a picture of a sculpture. Made from clay. Are you that gullible or is it that you don’t understand that lies are wrong? Next time you call someone out about a picture of a fetus….make sure it is a picture of a fetus and not a picture of some sculptors imagination, k?

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