Breaking the Law? Fraud? Endangering lives? Doesn't matter, CAUSEJESUS.


JT works daily with school administrators breaking the law by discriminating against atheist student groups, or promoting sectarian prayer. The FFRF works daily with city councils and other government bodies breaking the law with church/state violations.

But sometimes, you come across a new low.

The lead pastor of the Victorious Pentecostal Assembly Manchester has defended selling supermarket blackcurrant juice and olive oil as a cancer cure – claiming the mixture does heal serious illnesses.—we-arent-hurting-anyone


Local pastor turned into snake oil salesman. Does the pastor genuinely want to help people? Sure, let’s assume so. But the lens of faith has turned his interest in helping into a path of false hope that leads directly to serious medical harm.


Besides, as a man of faith, who only wants to help people, he’s probably only it it for humanitarian reasons, right?

“more than double their price on supermarket shelves.”

…I see. Ok, so it’s profitable. Surely the pastor would stop ripping off humans in their time of medical need if he knew better?

said he was not aware the church was breaking the law under the Cancer Act 1939……..”I wasn’t aware of that law, but we live in a free society and if this is what people believe then people should be free to believe in it and carry out their faith.

Pastor Mbenga seen here, in his favorite hat.

So, Pastor SnakeOil knows it’s illegal. But he’s got the great and mighty excuse, the get-out-of-jail free card invoked in every school banner dispute, in every city council prayer, in every act of discrimination against atheist groups: “It’s ok when we do it, CAUSEJESUS.”


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  • Loqi

    Local pastor turned into snake oil salesman.

    He didn’t turn into one, he just evolved from a less profitable species.

  • cag

    Local pastor turned into snake oil salesman.

    Well, it is a step in the right direction.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    He hasn’t turned/evolved into anything, because he still sells the snake story oil.

  • F

    Dammit, man1 This shit doesn’t even have any real snake in it!

  • Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc

    Hmm, I imagine that our Advertising Standards people are going to have a short chat with this bloke. They take shit like this fairly seriously, and being a godder doesn’t make the blindest bit of difference.