Church Vandalized in Bellevile, IL

Christina here…

A church near my home of St. Louis and 3 miles down the same street where my husband works has been horribly vandalized, and the teens who allegedly did it destroyed much of the interior of the church and spraypainted racist and anti-religious graffiti.

Destroying property sends the wrong message, teens.

Helping the church clean up sends the right message! People should feel free to worship as they please without fear of persecution or vandalism.


BELLEVILLE, IL. (KTVI) – Dozens of volunteers answer a call for help, after an appalling case of vandalism.  The suspects left behind a trail of broken glass along with racist and anti-religious messages at a Baptist church in Belleville.

The church pastor caught vandals by himself, Tuesday afternoon at the new freedom Baptist church, across the street from Lindenwood University on West Main.  The place was trashed, everything from chairs to weed trimmers stuck into the walls.  There were spray painted racists and anti-religious messages; broken glass and debris everywhere; church files ruined.

The pastor was stunned and re-assured by what happened Wednesday morning:  the first of 2-3 dozen volunteers came to help clean up:  from here to Scott Air Force Base; people stunned by what they saw when we broke the story last night.

The pastor wants this investigated as a federal hate crime, no developments on that front.  As for the clean up, there`s still a long way to go, but it`s a start.  Volunteers will be back in the morning, to go at it again.

If you can help, contact the New Freedom Baptist Church at 618-741-3589 or


Even though this happened  at the beginning of this month, the pastor is still in need of help cleaning up. The pastor has told me that the next big cleanup day will be Wednesday, Aug 15th:

“Thank you. I too attended Washington University and am grateful for you and your help Wednesday is the next big clean up day. Come around the rear to enter the building.”

The church address is:

2301 W Main St
Belleville, IL 62226

If you’re available and in the area, you should go help!

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  • Mare Lacrimarum

    Drat, I’ll be out of St. Louis by then.

  • fastlane

    Out of curiosity, how many churches helped fund/support the efforts of atheist groups to fix billboards that were vandalized?

    • The Nerd

      I am embarrassed that this is being asked here.

    • justsomeguy

      I’m guessing the answer is close to zero, which is all the more reason to help out. High road FTW!

  • Mark

    I hope that New Freedom Baptist Church follows the Biblical model of Ezra 4:1-3.

  • Linda Beeson

    Here are the facts surrounding this issue. This was not a church. This is an abandoned condemed building. Kids if all ages all races all religons have been hanging out in the building for years. The teenage boys that were caught in the building by Meanes did not cause the damage done to the abandoned building. There was a black boy there also meanes let him go, then called the police and then called the news. Meanes church does not exsist his college does not exsist except in his head. You have assumed that what 1 man says is truth without investiagting the whole situation. If you had you would not condem and past judgement on these boys.Meanes knew exactly what he was doing, using youth to intice racist and hate crimes in a community already volital, for profit.If you would talk with these boys you would see they are just boys, not a racist gang, not out to harm anyone or anything. It is irresponsible of you not to investigate, you are just as guilty as meane for promoting racism and hate crimes. his motives are profit, what are yours? I challenge you to talk with the boys and look into the nature of the new freedom baptist churh and meanes.

    • Christina

      Yup, because asking people to help clean up a vandalized church is totally just as bad as promoting race/hate crimes. Makes perfect sense.

      P.S. I don’t recall that my post said anything about the motives of the boys. Nor any condemnation. Instead, I provided facts: that they are alleged to have committed a crime.