Congressman Cleaver doesn't believe in Atheists



There was a March for Women’s equality in Kansas City this past weekend, and there was a pretty decent turnout. Missouri Congressman Cleaver even showed up to give his stance of support for women’s equal rights.

I’m glad Cleaver supports women’s equal rights, that’s a no brainer everyone should be able to get behind. It’s just that a bit ago this year he suggested that Atheists didn’t exist.
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“I don’t believe that there is such thing as an atheist because no respectable atheist would walk around with something in his pocket that said ‘In God We Trust.’” – Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO)


Seen here: Empirical evidence of Atheists.

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition was able to help Cleaver out, and demonstrate that we do exist.


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  • Dennis N.

    just like “Respectable christians” would not judge, murder, rape, steal, covet, lie, cheat.. and on goes the list. hmm, now im following the logic.. christians do not exist.

  • Jasper of Maine (I feel safe and welcome at FTB)

    Oh! So I do actually believe in God because I’m forced to use the currency of the country I’m in that’s been co-opted by religious fanatics.

    Seems legit.

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    Does that make Muslims carrying US currency Christian?

  • piegasm

    Well that’s possibly the worst argument against atheism ever. Why didn’t I think of infiltrating the US Mint and manually removing that phrase from all of our currency? Speaking of which, can we take this as an agreement by Christians to cease to exist once reference to their god is off our money? If so, I’m totally up for infiltrating the mint.

  • Jen

    So the fact that in the 50′s someone put that on out money and we didn’t all flee the country of our birth immediately means we’re not real… Awesome. Also, I guess that means he just doesn’t believe in American atheists?

  • Rick

    Hey, I didn’t believe in a democratic congressman using such a lame argument as the currency’s “In God We Trust”. Seems we were both proven wrong.

  • Blygarde

    This doesn’t correspond at all. This is quite literally toddler logic.

  • wholething

    We should redouble our efforts to remove “in God We Trust” from currency and “under God” from the PoA so that people like Congressman Cleaver can’t deny we exist.

  • Loqi

    So prior to that phrase being added on the currency, christians didn’t exist. That seems odd, considering how the religious are always trying to get back to the good old days.

  • eric

    You mean it’s not “In God We Thrust“?

    *pulls out dollar bill to look at*

    Huh, I’ve had it wrong this whole time.

  • brucegee1962

    Finally, a way for Pakistan to do away with all those problems it’s been having with Christians and Hindus living there. All they need to do is print the name of Allah on their currency and poof! everyone will be a Muslim.

  •!/Erulora Erülóra Maikalambe

    Is he aware that there are other countries? And that not all of them have anything about God on their money? And that even the US didn’t have that stamped on their bills 70 years ago?

    I’m going to go with no, no, and no. I’m not even sure this congresscritter could pass the Turing test.

  • Irreverend Bastard

    I don’t believe that there is such thing as an atheist because no respectable atheist would walk around with something in his pocket that said ‘In God We Trust.

    So, poor people without any money are atheists?

    Actually, that makes sense in a religious way. God made them poor because they were atheists.

  • researchtobedone

    I award him no points.

  • b00ger

    Dear Congressman Cleaver,

    There are no such pieces of paper in my wallet. Therefore I do exist. Also, people are using less and less cash in favor of credit/debit cards. Since the number of times “In God We Trust” appears in your wallet is a measure of religiosity, this is indication that people are becoming less religious.

    My 3rd grade self.

    PS. Seriously, who uses cash anymore?

    • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

      I’m sure there’s a congressman somewhere who is outraged – outraged, I tell you! – that “In God We Trust” isn’t printed on credit cards.

    • John Horstman

      I use cash, always – I have no good reason to cost retailers 2%-3% of transactions in processing fees when I can get money from an ATM with ease.

      • DSimon

        Well, there’s also the cost of dealing with cash drawers and safes. And maybe your bank is cooler than mine, but all the ATMs in my area charge me $2-$3 every time I withdraw. And finally, carrying around heavy change is annoying, and every time I drop money in random charity jars, God subtracts 100 hits from GiveWell and kills a puppy.

  • Rory

    He doesn’t believe in atheists and I don’t believe in god. Let’s see which one of us is more demonstrably real.

  • Steven

    Well, to be honest, most of the time I don’t have “In God we trust” in my wallet, thanks to my debit card (as if the words ever made any difference).

  • Howard

    By his logic, no english-speaking Christians exist, because no respectable Christians would name a day after the pagan god Thor.

    • JSC_ltd

      Don’t forget Tiw, Wotan, Frige, and Saturn.

  • Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach

    Hi Mr Cleaver, I’m a Canadian atheist, I don’t have religious bigotry scrawled on my money (although this one has some people playing hockey on it tho, and hockey is almost a religion up here). Now, why don’t I exist?

  • Skip White

    So, according to his logic, I don’t exist. Does that mean I could smack him on the back of the head and when someone asked him who did it, he’d have to say it was nobody, kind of like Odysseus blinding the cyclops?

  • pipenta

    What’s priceless is his expression in the photo where he’s flanked by atheists. But then, we’d all be gobsmacked if we were confronted with living breathing examples of what we had believed to be mythical beings: angels, unicorns, little green men and the like.

  • Ian Andreas Miller

    I love PZ’s response:

    “I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a Christian, because no respectable follower of Jesus would have any money at all — he or she would have handed it all over to the poor.”

  • John Horstman

    Did he miss the part where some of us cross the patently unconstitutional motto off of our cash?