Dan rides again.

First dad fired a warning shot.  Dan decided to ignore it.  Then Dan reaped what he had sown.

And now he wants some more.

It represents what a baby looks like at 12 weeks and that is what I said all along. You are the one always trying to twist things for some type of apology or demand by twisting things that you are right and someone is wrong. You seem to need this in your life to always be right and always think that if you can twist something it makes you victorious over everyone.It is what a baby looks like at 12 weeks whether you admit it or not.

You have some serious issues that you should address. I don’t know if you have always been that way or if something happened in your life to make you this way. A psychologist would need a very long couch for you and your host of demons. To hate as much as you do toward Christians & God is unreal. I have never meet someone that doesn’t just not believe in God ,but wants to attack Christians & God whenever possible.You spew vomit in words like the exorcist. I will never sit quiet and not stand up for what I believe. That is the problem with the world today.To many have sit quiet and let a few like you change laws,celebrate abortion,and spew lies about God. I’m happy to say that I ‘m not alone. Though no one else has commented to this,there are many more that would agree with me than you. So stomp your feet ,spin your green head ,rub your lucky rabbits foot ,spew vile words against Christians & God .You loose!

Spewing vile words against god?  My dad is pretty damn tame.  Give this guy an hour in the same forum as me.

My father always told me that discretion is the better part of valor.  It’s sadly one of those lessons I’m still iffy on.  I don’t really pick my battles, unless you count picking all of them (thankfully, I have so many to choose from anymore that picking all of them is scarcely an option).  But unlike Dan, I have put a good amount of time into making sure my beliefs are defensible enough that I can go to war on them without getting immediately backed into a corner and without recourse to all manner of bullshit.  I’ve done this by changing my mind when someone has a better case.

That’s a lesson that would serve Dan very well.

Dad responded again.

Where is the good Christian love, Dan? I’m not feeling it from you. It doesn’t look like your praying last night did much good. Maybe you need to try a burnt offering or sacrifice a goat.

“It represents what a baby looks like at 12 weeks and that is what I said all along.”

You’re a liar, Dan. Your exact words “@ Mr. John Eberhard,I was waiting for a reply on if you would be for aborting baby in above picture.”
1. You said it was a baby, not a sculpture. Read your words.
2.That is not what a fetus looks like at 12 weeks. I provided you links to pictures of what they do look like at 12 weeks. Look at them. Yours is a sculptors conception of what it would need to look like to evoke the emotional response you want. You mislead on purpose.

As to “Though no one else has commented to this,there are many more that would agree with me than you”……Oh, Dan, I have no doubt there are many more indoctrinated and not very bright people who are eager to take rights away from other Americans. You will get no argument from me on that point.

I understand, Dan. It is easier for you to call names and to insult than to address the very reasonable questions I broach. Let me repeat them:
What excuse do you use for not working hard to promote broad based sex education and readily available free contraception to decrease unplanned pregnancies in the first place?
If you are really so against abortions, isn’t this an effective way to decrease them?
If you are really pro-life, you don’t want women dying from back room abortions do you? Surely you aren’t so blind as to not realize if abortion is illegal that is what will happen.
What gives you the right to make personal medical decisions for every woman?

If god had wanted Christians to tell the truth, he would have built the facts in their favor.

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