Doug Stanhope nails it.

Last year I gave a talk at Grand Valley State that was attended by Ed Brayton.  He turned me no to Doug Stanhope, praising him as one of the greatest comedians to ever live.  I watched the video Ed loaded on his tablet, laughed, and moved on.

The other day I saw a picture of Stanhope and was reminded of that event.  So I loaded up some of his material at work.  That is how I found this gem.

Concise, tactless, and holding nothing back.  I like this guy.

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  • McNihil

    I’ve seen other stuff of that guy but not this bid. Love it. It’s funny because just the other day I was talking to someone about death and the Christians’ attitude towards it and it’s pretty much in line with what Stanhope is saying here.

    Here’s what I said (in case anyone cares):

    Just wanna point out a little mistake in your wording there.

    Even if there is no heaven, I accept that death is an inevitability…”

    Strictly speaking, if you think there is a heaven, then you must think that death is not an inevitability. It’s always baffled me why Christians even think of death as anything similar to what non-believers think of it and also why Christians are sad when a loved one dies. How much can they possibly miss the person if they are really convinced to see that person again in a few years and then spend eternity with them? To me that’s always been good evidence that they don’t really believe in heaven. If they were consistent in their belief, Christians shouldn’t and wouldn’t even talk of death at all, or make up a new word for it because for them it can’t mean what it means for people who don’t believe in heaven or in an afterlife of any kind. Christians believe that they go to heaven where they’ll be reunited with all their pious family members and friends and that they’ll all be happy together for all eternity. That’s not “death” in any meaningful sense. That’s not “death” in the sense any normal person uses the word. That’s living forever.

    So instead of saying “Even if there is no heaven, I accept that death is an inevitability…” you should really just be saying “If there is no heaven, I accept that death is an inevitability…”

  • faehnrich

    Nice! I’ll be looking for more of him.

    He totally looks like the host of Double Dare.

  • Ibis3, member of the Oppressed Sisterhood fanclub

    Too bad he had to spoil it by throwing in the sexism.

    • anteprepro

      If I remember correctly, he was one of the hosts of The Man Show, back when that was a thing that existed. He also tagged along with Girls Gone Wild for a bit, even though he came out of claiming that the person behind that franchise is a horrible human being. I’m pretty sure if Dougie didn’t bring sexism into it, he would probably implode. He’s just that kinda guy. Also a libertarian. It’s almost embarrassing that this is yet another public face of atheism. An advocate for Atheism Minus, I suppose.

      • thetalkingstove

        Also commented after that Tosh guy’s rape “jokes” and basically said “all jokes are fine, don’t whine about it, shut the fuck up”.

    • mywall

      Did I watch the same video as you?

    • Eric

      What part of this video could possibly be construed as sexism?


      I sincerely hope you realize that almost every comedian/actor/entertainer/human being to ever live has probably held at least one differing political/philosophical position than you.

      You would have to live in a cave if you dismissed everyone you didn’t agree with about everything.

    • anteprepro

      To the two incredulous people above: Missed “whining like cunts”, huh? Ignoring is soooo much easier, isn’t it?

  • Catwhisperer

    Check out the “Atheism destroyed in under 50 seconds” video that comes afterwards…