Gaming day: SWTOR goes free-to-play

This has been a pretty crummy week, and the weekend’s not looking much better.  Neither is next week.

So to lift my low spirits, how about a day of gaming posts?

First, Star Wars: The Old Republic has gone free-to-play.  It’s no secret they’ve been losing players like crazy, likely due to boring PvP and lack of end game content, so the move makes sense.  WoW aside, this seems to be where the market is gravitating (kudos to Guild Wars for getting there before everyone else and keeping it up with GW2).

Monthly subscription alienate a company from the casual gamers who makes up more of the market than companies seemed to have thought until recently.  This is one of the biggest impediments The Secret World is facing, and many experts seems to think will go f2p within a year.

Still, even as a f2p game, I doubt SWTOR will pick up many more players if they don’t start cranking out some of the high-end content they promised at launch (and have yet to deliver).  Might be hard to do with their team now focused on converting it into a f2p game instead of designing content.

Anyway, what are the best f2p MMOs out there?  My top 3 would be…

1.  Lord of the Rings Online
2.  Champions Online
3.  Aion

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