How can you tell if you don't understand evolution?

Because we’re a completely normal couple, Michaelyn is reading her textbooks early (she knows the way to get me all hot and bothered) and sharing tidbits with me over skype.

She just came across this in her biopsychology textbook:

“Many critics of evolution say that it is only a theory, but anybody who makes, or even accepts, such a statement understands neither evolution nor science.”

Those darn scientists telling lay people what science is.

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  • Randomfactor

    I like Hank Fox’s take on “just a theory.” His “strike” argument is beautiful.

  • Cubist

    Evolution is “just a theory” the same way that Bill Gates is “just a multibillionnaire”.

  • Manoj Joseph

    Is “Mayr 2000″ a reference to: Mayr, Ernst (2001). What Evolution Is. New York: Basic Books. ISBN 0-465-04426-3?

  • lordshipmayhem

    Evolution as a theory is more strongly supported than the theory of the atom – and every nuclear-powered ship at sea, and every nuclear explosion, supports the theory of the atom. If you’re on the North American or European power grids, both of which have nuclear reactors feeding into them, every time you turn on the light switch, you’re providing yet more support for the theory of the atom. The rover Curiosity, being nuclear-powered, supports the theory of the atom.

    There is no evidence to support the hypothesis (or more accurately, “fairy tale”) that is Creationism. And Intelligent Design is simply Creationism in a lab coat.

  • Glenn Branch

    Branch and Scott 2009 is “The latest face of creationism,” Scientific American 300 (1): 92–99, for what it’s worth. What’s the textbook?

  • Daniel

    I had never really understood how bad the ignorance of evolution was until I joined the air force and discussion once turned to evolution. One guy from Ohio indicated that he thought evolution “had something to do with monkeys”. That was the extent of his knowledge and he had no real desire to learn more.