How do they not know?

Cox Health runs the biggest hospitals in Springfield, MO, where I went to college.

The photo is the beginning of an announcement in a newspaper.  It is titled "Cox Sucker Days Announced."  <blockquote>Nixa, MO -- The Nixa Sucker Days Committee is proud to announce it has a new title sponsor this year, Cox Health.  The event, now known as Cox Sucker Days, will be held in Nixa as scheduled this year, with a few changes.  Ted Crass, chairman of the event, said, "We're proud to welcome Cox Health as our sponsor, and we known Cox Sucker Days will be our most successful ever."</blockquote>  Below it is the jumpline of "see COX, page 5," and I thought it a related amusement that the jumpline above the announcement is "see HONEYMOON, page 4."

We always made this joke because we were juvenile and worn out from non-stop studying/socializing.  We weren’t, y’know, responsible for their public image or anything.


I’ve been informed by one of the locals that this is part of a humor piece that got passed off as legit.

Turns out you’ll have to go elsewhere for your Cox suckers.

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