How do they not know?

Cox Health runs the biggest hospitals in Springfield, MO, where I went to college.

The photo is the beginning of an announcement in a newspaper.  It is titled "Cox Sucker Days Announced."  <blockquote>Nixa, MO -- The Nixa Sucker Days Committee is proud to announce it has a new title sponsor this year, Cox Health.  The event, now known as Cox Sucker Days, will be held in Nixa as scheduled this year, with a few changes.  Ted Crass, chairman of the event, said, "We're proud to welcome Cox Health as our sponsor, and we known Cox Sucker Days will be our most successful ever."</blockquote>  Below it is the jumpline of "see COX, page 5," and I thought it a related amusement that the jumpline above the announcement is "see HONEYMOON, page 4."

We always made this joke because we were juvenile and worn out from non-stop studying/socializing.  We weren’t, y’know, responsible for their public image or anything.


I’ve been informed by one of the locals that this is part of a humor piece that got passed off as legit.

Turns out you’ll have to go elsewhere for your Cox suckers.

"Brainwashed much???? You would have fit right in during the Hitler reign!!!"

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