How to identify a shitty journalist.

Using Fox News as a case study.

Of course, Fox is not the only culprit (even if they’re far and away the biggest one).  CNN has recently been guilty of this as well.

  • Nathan Piccolo

    I’m shocked!!! surely you jest?? This can’t be true..

    Some people say I am in complete denial.

    I don’t see it.

  • b00ger

    Ahhh! Head asplode!

  • Joven

    Some say he drove his mother to the hospital to give birth to him, and his favorite sport is russian roulette, all we know is…

  • PatrickG

    Glad you indicated it was a case study, my first reaction was “you couldn’t tell by the fact that they were on Fox?” :)

  • baal

    Some people say, “Some people say”

    (and others call them idiots)