Hypocrisy in Georgia.

There is a football coach in Georgia who is unrepentant with his trying to convert his players to Christianity.

… on game day, [coach Mark] Mariakis takes the football team to a local church for dinner. We understand that at these events the church’s preacher sermonizes to the players “about the Christian religion”… News reports show that Mariakis leads the team in pre- or post-game prayers. Our complainant reports that Mariakis uses Bible verses on team gear, such as shirts, and in speeches to excite the team… Finally, we have been told that Mariakis pressures players to attend a “Christian football camp that the players have to pay for” and that Mariakis “looks down upon” those who do not attend…

Of course, as Hemant points out, the believers are just aghast that anybody could care about this.  Plenty of church groups are rushing to Mariakis’ defense.

What gets me is the hypocrisy.  If you think it’s ok for an authority at a public school to proselytize, imagine if you had a coach telling his players that Christianity is a myth, who put “Good without god” on the team t-shirts, and who was more likely to start players who attended Skepticon.  The explosion of outrage from the same Christians would exceed the intensity of a supernova.

But when they do it?  Hell, it’s their right as Christians, and all those new atheists need to shush about it because it’s not such a big deal.  Do unto others as you would have done to you?  Fuck that noise!

What’s even worse is that when they get annihilated in court they’ll weep that those wicked atheists could deplete the schools coffers with a lawsuit over such a tiny thing as prayer.  There will be nary a concern that they were the unethical ones, just the insistence that they have a right to not be called on it.

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