Life changes

There will be a lot of changes in my life over the next week.  Two big ones I want to talk about here.

First, I have quit my job at the Secular Student Alliance.  This has been coming for a few weeks now.  It was an amicable split and it was certainly not a quit-or-be-fired situation.  My bosses were all pleased with my job performance.  It was me who quit.  I will not go into the details why.  Suffice that it was the right decision for me.  August Brunsman, the Executive Director of the SSA, and Lyz Liddell, the Director of Campus Organizing, have been  spectacular to me during my time there.  They have been quite literally the best bosses a guy could ask for.  Whoever takes my place will be one of the most fortunate people in the atheist movement.

Of course, I couldn’t sleep last night.  So around 4am I got up and I went for a walk under the stars to get some air and to give my mind time to turn.  My thoughts drifted to one of the best friends I made in college: Stephanie.  She was, perhaps, the best singer to ever come through the music program at Missouri State.  She was the type of singer who could go anywhere and do anything.  She was going to be a star.

Then she graduated and decided to settle down, have a family, get her MBA, and live the quiet life.  This made no sense to me, and being the opinionated person I am, I told her so.  I told her that she had a gift and to not pursue it was to throw it away.  Other people would literally kill to be able to do what she could do, and I wondered how she could do something else without feeling tremendously guilty.  She listened to me, but went on with her life anyway.

Years later I called Stephanie to tell her I had been wrong.  Nobody owns your life but you, and you must do what makes you happy.  Even if you are especially good at something, even if you’re the best at something, nobody gets to demand you do it to the exclusion of all other factors in your life.  I wish I had understood that at the time.

I know there are people who will tell me that I owe it to the movement, to the upcoming atheist generation, to stay in a position that was not working for me because I was good at it.  These people will not know any of the circumstances of my departure, but will express some degree of ownership of my life by trying to dictate what I do with it.  I don’t blame them.  I really do understand.  They do it out of concern.  The people who would have me stay are thinking of atheistic teens who need help and wondering how I could not care.

The reality is that I do care.  I care with every part of me.  I always have.  I still do, and I believe my work over the last 20 months has reflected that.  That’s not why I’m leaving this job.  If all being at the SSA meant was working with high school students to make a difference, I wouldn’t be leaving.  But there’s more to it, scarcely any of which I’m going to get into, that made being there a tremendous drain on my psychological health.   Even with that, this is not a decision I have come to lightly.

My work has demonstrated my commitment to atheistic students.  The extra hours, the battles; I’d do them all for free, and will continue to do so when it’s requested/required of me.  I am not abandoning the students for which I care very deeply.  Any of them out there can still email me to ask for advice – ditto for their parents.  I will still write on their behalf if it’s needed.

I can work for an organization that is part of the political advancement of atheism, or I can work as a writer and a voice, a person who sees what is going on and attempts to tell the full truth, as I see it, regardless of who it offends or what bridges it burns.  But rarely are the two compatible, and I have learned that I am incapable of being discreet enough to live comfortably in most organizational environments.  I am not a political creature, to say the least, which is what one needs to be in order to work for an organization partaking in movement politics.  So although I am proud of my work with the SSA, as are my superiors, I believe I can better serve atheism as a writer and activist.  Even if I can’t serve atheism better this way, I can certainly do it with a much higher degree of peace in my own life.  And so that is what I will do.  In my new capacity the SSA will always have my support.  They remain one of the best-staffed, most efficient, and most effective organizations in this movement.

Which brings me to my next big thing: late next week I will be moving my blog to Patheos where I will join Hemant Mehta at the atheist portal.  This was actually a more difficult decision than leaving the SSA (and I hope you can realize what a painful decision that has been).  Writing for FtB has been one of the greatest privileges of my life.  There are so many luminaries here.  That I have gotten to share a platform with so many of my heroes has been a constant source of pride for me.

So why am I leaving?  Money.  Patheos pays more.  With a full-time job, I did not need to worry about money and could write wherever I wished.  But with the prospect of leaving the SSA looming, I had to find some way to make ends meet.  I have been an atheist activist for about a decade now and did not want to stop, so I wanted to find some way to make ends meet that allowed me to keep contributing.  Moving to Patheos is what has allowed me to jump straight to writing to pay the bills rather than Taco Bell.  But Patheos and FtB both know, by my own assertion, that I remain incredibly loyal to Freethoughtblogs.  I always will.  I love their ideals, I love their attitude, and I love their writers.  FtB was my first real home as a blogger, and it will always feel like home to me.

All of this is why I asked how you all would react to an invitation to do recurring donations to the site, since this is now my life and sole source of income.  I’m still not sure if I will do that.  I have no qualms asking people to donate to a cause.  However, I have severe reservations about asking people to support my livelihood.

This has all been a very emotional whirlwind for me.  Rest assured I could make more money doing something other than writing.  But I want to stay in atheism.  Fighting for this cause is my passion.  It means almost as much to me as breathing, and writing for Patheos will allow me continue to dedicate the majority of my time to trying to orchestrate some of the changes I want to see in the world.

At every step of this process I have been wracked with guilt and have been petrified that people whose opinions mean quite a bit to me would not understand.  At every step, my worries have proven unjustified.  I have had the good fortune to be supported by my now ex-bosses at the SSA as well as the bloggers here at FtB.  I am lucky to know people who look out for my well-being, wherever it leads.

So where do we go from here?  I hope you’ll follow me to my new home at Patheos.  I have told the operators of Patheos that I have no intention of retracting my claws one inch and they are ok with that.  I still consider myself an ally to FtB and will give them a shout out at every talk I give.

I will also continue busting my ass to finish my book.  I’m over 10,000 words now and have oodles of material to use.

I will do more in-depth blog posts, since now my blogging will be my job rather than something I sneak in after a long day at the office (and most days after exercise).  Hopefully this will allow me to write more about what’s going on in the atheist movement and in greater detail.  At least, that’s the plan.

I will accept more invitations to speak or debate.  With a full-time job, speaking is something I’ve done on the side, so I’ve had to turn a lot of people down.  Now I will be much more available (I will also remain on the speakers bureau with the SSA).  However, I will now have to begin being insistent on an honorarium.  Up until now I have always spoken for free (and have, in fact, steadfastly refused attempts to pay me, much to the chagrin of my bosses and family).  I remember how grateful I was that PZ Myers spoke for free at the first Skepticons and wanted to pay it forward.  Recently, due to the insistence of those close to me whom I trust, I have listed an optional $100 honorarium (that I never collected on).  I will still speak for free to groups getting on their feet, but for all others that $100 per speaking gig will become a solid portion of my cash flow now.

For the next few days I’m going to take some time to myself and try to get past all the emotions before settling into my new job as a blogger/writer.  I will check the comments of this post and read my email (wwjtd21[at]gmail[dot]com), but I likely will not respond immediately.  Please be patient – I need some personal time.

This has been a very difficult post to write.  Thanks for listening and for any support you send my way.  *hug*

I’ll see you when I get back.

PERSONAL: Sorry to disappoint you, Julian.
Introducing a new contributor: Gabrielle.
Update and pics from #AACon15. MST3K cast members were at my talk.
PERSONAL: Happy birthday, Hitch.
About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • B-Lar

    I will follow you. Im glad for you that you have been able to make hard decisions honestly.

    Stay sharp J-Man

  • leeharrison

    You will be missed around here – but what the fuck; this is the internet, where you can be followed with a click of a button. I think I can manage that :-)

    Enjoy your you time.

  • Gayle Jordan

    We love you and support you. Hard. G/E

  • Doug Kirk

    I’ll really miss the FTB layout and comment system (much easier to read in my opinion), but of course this lurker will follow you to patheos. I already read Hemant, so it’s not really a bog deal.

  • Ben Schuldt

    Good luck.

  • embertine

    I’m sad but unsurprised at this decision, and I’m glad that you have the support of those around you (and the remaining FtBloggers) at what has clearly been an immensely turbulent few weeks.

    I don’t always agree with you (how boring would that be!) but I have enjoyed your writing and will continue to do so. Huge best wishes and virtual hugs in this new phase of your life.

  • Katy

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before, so I’m rolling up a few things into one, but in the last few months you’ve become one of the blogs I most look forward to reading. I will of course follow you when you move (it should transfer automatically in my feed reader anyway, but I’ll make sure of it). I hope the new start gives you the push to begin feeling better more generally, and I’ve been mulling over for the last few days and come to the conclusion that you’d be the first person I would set up a regular contribution to if you put up a tip jar. I get that much education and enjoyment from reading your writing that you’re definitely worth it. Thank you for everything you do.

    One thing you might like to flag up on the move is something I learnt from one of Libby Anne’s posts recently – for Patheos (no idea how it compares to FTB or anyone else), she’d discovered that people reading in feed readers didn’t count for calculating how much she’d be paid, so she put out a request for people to click through on occasion. I’ve been much more assiduous about going to the source article ever since. Sorry I can’t provide a link, but my lunch break is just about over and I have to run into a meeting – I just wanted to comment before I go to wish you all the best.

  • KirikaSena

    I’ll sure as hell be following you, JT. How could I just give up my favorite blogger? :D You were amazing at the SSA, and I’m sure you’ll be missed, but you should definitely do what’s best for you. I will be looking forward to your more in-depth blogging. As always, take care of yourself. *hugs*

  • faehnrich

    Thanks for your work at SSA.

    Just be sure to post the Patheos link.

  • Nothing

    I’d hate to sound offensive but there is something that I really didn’t understand. If you’re going to be mostly writing now, JT, why can’t you get your new blog and keep this one as well? Just asking.

    • michaelyn

      Having 2 blogs wouldn’t give him double traffic, it would split up his readership, and probably be more confusing than anything. Also, he’d be paid less for the hits at FtB, so the smartest move financially is to move the blog to Patheos. Having 2 blog locations doesn’t make a lot of sense if he posted the same material on both.

      • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

        Don’t a fair number of contracts for paid, on-board writers require exclusive publishing, too?

  • matt

    good luck with that

  • Katie T

    Good luck buddy! You’ve got my support in this at least. Will you still be linking to your blogs from FB? That’s how I always get to them anyway. :)

  • Cunning Pam

    Best wishes, JT. I hope all of these changes bring you happiness, and that you thrive in your new environment.

  • Jasper of Maine (I feel safe and welcome at FTB)

    Well, that sucks.

  • Raytheist

    Wow…. I had no idea Patheos OR FtB actually paid people to write. Seriously, I thought everyone had ‘day jobs’ (like P.Z. or Hemant).

    • michaelyn

      Most everyone does have a day job, because the blogs don’t pay too much. I know Greta is now writing for a living, but she’s got her book out, and also has a space where people can pay to ‘subscribe’ monthly.

      • Anonymous Atheist

        Anyone who’s curious how much the FTB bloggers earn, there is an example being provided by Crommunist – each month, he posts how much he’s earned, and donate-lends it on Kiva. Some blogs will presumably be earning more or less than others, but judging from this I don’t think most of them are anywhere near a position to make a full-time job of this just from ad money shares.

    • Martin Wagner

      I must confess I was surprised to hear this too. None of us over at The Atheist Experience has ever seen hide or hair of a check for our blogging there. Should we be expecting one?

  • Jennifer, Uppity Bitch and General Malcontent

    JT, your life is your property. You do what you need to do to stay healthy and at peace. Best wishes.

  • baal


    • Epinephrine

      Ooh, are we naming random body parts? Umm … uvula!

      Seriously, either I’m missing out on an inside joke or this is the most pointless game ever.

      Good luck JT, I can’t imagine stepping away from a job like that (my current role as a parent would completely preclude it, for one), but you have to look after yourself. If its what you think is best, go for it. Hope to see you online tonight (late), maybe we can kick some centaur butt.

      • JT Eberhard

        He was respond to a troll comment that I trashed.

        • Epinephrine

          It did seem like a bit of a non sequitur.

          • typecaster

            It did seem like a bit of a non sequitur.

            Well, it IS what follows, isn’t it?

          • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

            All too often, they lead.

            JT, I’ll make sure to bookmark your new blog.

    • baal

      Sorry this was initially a reply to a jerk post that is now gone so my comment is now out of place. Please delete this explanation and the “asshole”.

    • Orion3T

      Well that’s a bit harsh!! ;)

      LOL how did that happen? I posted after you, and somehow ended up right in front of you…

      Why do things like that always happen to me :S

    • Volzi

      Why? why is he an asshole for doing what is healthiest for him? As an atheist ( I assume) you would understand this life and this health is it.

      So why?

      • Volzi

        OH nvm sorry I saw JT’s response… My apologies sincerely

  • baal

    I look forward to reading you at Patheos. You’ve been great here and I expect you’ll be the same there. As you told your singing friend, you need to live your life for yourself first.

  • Rory

    JT, I don’t mind making donations to support your lifestyle, but if I do, I’m going to have to ask you to embrace a bit more hedonism. That’s what atheists DO, so some religious folks have told me.

    Seriously though, I hope this is a good move for you. I know you’re going to keep fighting the good fight and helping folks who ask for it regardless of where you work. The important thing is that you’re able to do that in a way that’s fulfilling and financially renumerative. Best of luck to you–see you over at Patheos!

  • Lyfa

    Good luck with your new direction. Will keep following.

  • Art Vandelay

    The only problem is you’re getting paid by the same people that produce shit like this…

    The Patheos Holiday Party must be awkward as hell.

    • Sunny Day

      As if FtB is all sunshine and roses?

  • Nicole

    Your words are valuable, and I am happy you are able to find an outlet for them where you are compensated to the point where you can write more! I am also happy you are requesting an honorarium for your speaking engagements. You remind me of my husband in the regards of payment for work done. Being humble is good, but it becomes a hinderance when you aren’t valuing your work as you should.

    I’ll still be reading and hope to see you give a talk in the near future!

  • kevinbutler


  • Randomfactor

    Will watch for you in your new site. Ya gotta do what’s right for you. Looking forward to more good stuff.

  • ajb47

    I’m glad you figured out a plan to keep yourself happy. I mostly lurk, comment very infrequently, but I’ll definitely lurk at your new home, too.

  • Samantha M

    Ack! I hate change! I am excited that you are going to get to do what you want to do and that is super awesome. Just be sure to take care of yourself above all. *HUGS*

  • ryan

    Best of luck, I’ll enjoy reading you on Patheos much as I have here.

  • Alicia Kopp

    It is difficult when a job is incompatible with your personage. I’m in the middle of that right now, and you don’t need to give out the details for me to understand exactly how you feel.

    I’m presently on vacation, showing the husband around the town where I had my moment of zen. I found myself in the Silicon Valley during its dot com hayday. It was out here that I met friends that I felt the most comfortable around. These were people that I met online by complete random chance before meeting people online was normal or even acceptable. I wouldn’t say I’m an old nerd, but I’m just old enough to have been part of a really brief and cool time to be 20 years old in the California Bay Area.

    A departure from my job is imminent because I feel like I cannot be myself. Self-identity is the single most part of my being. To quote some meme I saw, “It took me 20 years to learn to love myself. I don’t have 20 years to try and convince you.”

    Best wishes on your new journey! No guts no glory! Balls out! Your talents are multifaceted and will serve you well in wahtever endevours you try your hand at. I believe in you and wish you happiness.

  • dcortesi

    that $100 per speaking gig will become a solid portion of my cash flow …

    Well, it would be a net negative unless you also get expenses. Hotel, at least one meal, and above all the air fare. Is that an understood thing, that you didn’t mention it?

    I will accept more invitations to speak or debate.

    I hope also you are factoring in the stress of living on the road. You know very well already, I’m sure, how travel interrupts your exercise schedule, your writing, your sleep patterns. So that’s a cost to charge against your new career plan.

  • Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach

    You gotta do what’s best for you JT. And you know we’ll follow ya anywhere.

    *totally platonic, non-personal-space-violating, internet hugs*

    Gotta ask tho. Will we be seeing you this weekend for the Guild Wars 2 headstart?

  • IslandBrewer

    Crappity! Make me push a mouse button twice? And wait an extra few seconds for a completely unrelated page to load? My life is so hard!

    In all seriousness, I’m so happy that you’re self-aware enough to make this choice. It’s very easy to go along with the stable income just because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

    Rock on, JT!

  • jaranath

    JT, I’m…amazed. This:

    “Years later I called Stephanie to tell her I had been wrong.  Nobody owns your life but you, and you must do what makes you happy.”

    Is EXACTLY what I was afraid you might be thinking when I read you were leaving SSA. Which I rather suspected was coming. And while I started mentally composing a response on why you should ignore those critics, you lay out in crystal clarity why you know you should ignore those critics.

    JT, I’d say I’m incredibly proud of you, but who the hell am I to BE “proud” of you? No, I’m inspired BY you. No joke, the way you have approached your life, setbacks and all, has taught me so much…WWJTD is, indeed, a very good question. I think you’re doing the right thing here. And yes, please set up a subscription link whenever you get the chance.

    • jaranath

      Er…that seems a bit confusing now that I look at it. Just to clarify, I’m agreeing that JT owns his life and should ignore those who suggest he shouldn’t leave SSA.

  • neXus

    I’ll follow you wherever the internet takes you, JT! Major hugs, and I hope this change makes your life much less stressful.

  • Morejello

    Thank you for your work at the SSA on behalf of students. You have made a difference.
    I have no doubt that you will continue to make a difference in other places as well, and look forward to reading more of your writing, wherever it gets written.

  • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

    Strength, JT. You have it, even if you don’t feel it.

  • OmniZ

    *all the hugs*

  • CC

    Best wishes to you! Your life is your own and you must do what you feel is best. I look forward to following you and supporting your work on Patheos.

  • kagekiri

    I’ll definitely follow you on over, and I’m looking forward to your book/longer blog posts!

    AH, and gaming with Godless this weekend! Woo!

  • Zed

    good luck, have fun, keep on kicking it the best you can :D

  • Robert B

    JT, Thanks for all you have done with the SSA and secular student groups. But even more so, thank you for being open and discussing mental health issues. I personally appreciate that you have done this.

  • Draco Malfoi

    I saw the comment that got censored. Was that a troll? Seemed like another excited GW2 fan.

  • arthurwawrzyczek

    JT, you’re a most excellent person.

    Do what it is that you want to do and kick life’s ass. I had a similar experience where I made a difficult decision that changed just about everything I do, and I don’t regret it one bit. Do what you love and do what makes you happy. Go kick life’s ass!

  • Manoj Joseph


    It has been clear from reading your blog that you have been under emotional stress. Please take some time off doing what you feel like doing, doing what makes you happy.

    The atheism cause is not going away and will be around for a very long time.

    Take care of yourself first. Give yourself some time to bounce back. All the best! Good luck with your new writing gig!


  • otocump

    Best of luck in the new digs! I’ll be certain to bookmark the new site as soon as I see it.

  •!/VeritasKnight VeritasKnight

    Good luck, JT. I hope that things turn out the way you want.

    I’ll try to follow you to Patheos, but I can’t make any guarantees. I haven’t been very good at that so far. In any case, thanks for a year of great blogging at FtB (and before).

  • F

    Hey, I hope this move improves things for you in a cascade of goodness. Rage on, JT.

  • geocatherder

    Go godless! I’ll follow. I really hope this works out for you.

  • anteprepro

    Good luck JT. Bring some much needed sense to Patheos, that den of the milquetoast and of belief-in-belief.

  • nigelTheBold, Venomous Demonic Hater


    Congratulations. I know life is a trade-off between that which makes you happy, and that which supports your ass, and it’s a happy confluence where those two meet.

    I’ll swing by the new digs to lurk when I can. Not that it matters much, I reckon. In any case, I offer a celebratory high-five, a hug for bittersweet partings, and a pint of beer for the great posts you’ve given me. (The world revolves around me, after all.)

    Happy trails.

  • John Horstman

    Rock on JT! I hope this works out really well for you!

  • (e)m

    Will Christina and Dr.Burger be contributing on your new patheos blog? Either way I’m glad you decided to keep blogging. You are an inspiration to me. Do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy. I dislike patheos, but I will follow you there anyway.

  • Anonymous Atheist

    Wow, the SSA moves fast! For anyone else wondering who’ll take over for JT…

    Aug 19 cache of staff list page:

    JT Eberhard, High School Specialist
    [jt AT secularstudents DOT org]

    JT Eberhard is an SSA Campus Organizer specializing in High School groups.

    He co-founded the Missouri State University Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which became one of the nation’s largest and most active college skeptic groups within a year. He would go on to lead the group for five years.

    Aside from his work with the SSA, Eberhard is most recognized as the co-founder of the Skepticon annual convention, one of the largest gatherings of atheists world-wide and a pioneer for the concept of the student-run conference. During the event’s first three years JT served as the lead organizer as well as appearing as the emcee during the first two years and as a speaker ever since Skepticon 2.

    JT maintains a steady schedule as a speaker/debater focusing mainly on religion, mental illness, gay rights, and the youth skeptic movement. His career has included venues such as the Secular Student Alliance’s national convention, the Center for Inquiry’s leadership convention, the American Atheist’s national conference, the American Humanist Association’s national convention, Dragon*Con, and a long list of other events. As a debater he has several solo events to his credit as well as team efforts with the likes of Matt Dillahunty, Victor Stenger, and Richard Carrier primarily over the topics of religion and gay rights.

    JT is also the author of the popular blog What Would JT Do? on the Freethought Blogs network.

    staff list page as of today (Aug 24):

    Andy Cheadle, High School Specialist
    [Andy AT secularstudents DOT org]

    Andy Cheadle is an Assistant Campus Organizer at the SSA. He is an active member of the SSA and was president of his university’s secular student group before being hired onto the SSA staff. Andy was not raised in any specific religion, but was taught to question and inquire about the world around him. After studying and trying many different religions throughout his life, Andy began to proudly and openly identify as an atheist during college. He currently attends Wright State University pursuing a BS in psychology and behavioral neuroscience. He plans on attending law school after graduation, as well as continuing his work with the secular student movement.

    Andy apparently was promoted from Assistant Campus Organizer. Congrats to him. :)

  • Orion3T

    All the best for your new blog, I hope it works out, and will follow you over there.

  • Jamesbman

    As a first time non-lurker I just want to say I hope it works out. I will continue following your writing because you are one of the best writers, bloggers, atheist activists in the movement. Your humor and humility and intelligence is an asset to the cause.

  • Amyc

    I followed you here from Xanga (and the other short-lived site) so I can follow you to Patheos. Now I’ll have two of my favorites at Patheos.

  • leftwingfox

    Well, I’ve been clicking through to Libby-Anne regularly, the least I can do is click through to you too. :)

    Might see you in Godless tomorrow, if work and going to see ParaNorman in the next town don’t completely eliminate my game time.

  • Curmudgeonly Monkey

    Will follow you at patheos as well. Good luck.

  • invivoMark

    JT, this concerns me greatly.

    Having a set, daily schedule that forces you to interact with people and take care of yourself can be vitally important when dealing with depression. I remember being unemployed during one of my lowest periods, and it was hell – a hell that I barely survived, and only thanks to my sister and a few others.

    I don’t know you. I don’t know how you operate best, I don’t know what helps you and what hinders you, I don’t know what’s best for you. But I give a damn what happens to you, and I don’t want you to do anything that will end up hurting you in the long run.

    Just make sure that what you’re doing is really what’s best, and remember that you’re never trapped, and never past a tipping point. You can always make things work out, because you’re one hell of a fighter, and you’ve always got support.

    Anyway, just thought I’d voice my concerns. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do, and will support you in whatever fight you take up.

    See you in Tyria.

  • howardpeirce

    Blow in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere. (I am so old. What?! Rowan & Martin! Anyone?)

  • salo

    I hope all goes well! I will certainly be reading your new blog over at Patheos (with my ad-blocker turned off of course!)

  • Dana

    Here’s to your future, J.T., and hopefully it will include LOTS of speaking gigs, especially in the Bay Area ’cause we miss you and your pythons!!!

  • Marcus Ranum

    (waves solidarity fist!)

  • Praedico

    Hope it all works out for you JT, and I’ll definitely be following you to Patheos :)

  • bsk

    Loved your work for some time now – will follow you to Patheos :)

  • Deanna

    Does this mean you can come to Dragon*Con now, pretty please?

  • ottod

    It’s come to the point that your blog is one of my first stops @FTB each day. You write well, you’re passionate and honest, and you’ve posted a lot of things that have made me stop and think. I’ve been changed, at least in small ways, by what I’ve read here. I’ll stop by the new place and check in on JT 2.0.

    I’ve linked to blogs on Patheos from time to time, but I’ve never spent any time there. After your post, I went over and wandered around a bit. The rent may be better in the new neighborhood, but it looks a little sketchy to me. Keep you hand on your wallet, and don’t turn in your permanent change of address card right away. Don’t open the door for strangers, because some of those people below you don’t look like they’re completely trustworthy, and I’d hate to read that you’d been done in by someone with a mitre or a sack of magic crystals.

    Good luck!

  • psanity

    Best wishes on your journey, JT. I admire your courage and honesty, your will to help others, your humor, intelligence, and insight. I’m glad you’re doing what you need to do, and hope it works out well for you — and especially glad you’ll be writing.

    A change of your own choosing can be a tremendous relief and boost to the spirits.

    I’ll look for you on patheos. In the meantime, here’s a little sendoff for you — a song that makes me happy when I’m movin’ on — There’ll be some changes made. (Don’t change too much. Do enjoy yourself.)

  • psanity

    Dear me, did that happen to fill in a number? I posted after Azkyroth at 74, and ended up at 66. Does that make me 2/3 of a beast, or something?

  • BekahDekah

    I will follow your blog to Patheos! Wouldn’t miss your writing for the world! J.T., you don’t owe anyone anything. If debts have been incurred, it is we who owe you! I know I owe you, as I have borrowed your well-written and very effective arguments in my interactions with those who would love to see us shut up and go back into hiding. Wherever this leads you, I wish you all the very best. Thank you!

  • lumi

    This is my first comment to your blog, but I have been an avid reader since you joined FTB. You quickly became one of the bloggers whose posts I looked forward to reading, and I will happily follow you at Patheos. You’re a true force for good, in whatever way you choose to exercise that power.

  • Drakk

    Just from reading Hemant’s blog…expect a lot more trolls on patheos. Utterly insipid, moronic ones, I mean like I don’t understand how they’re capable of using their bodies for everyday purposes. You think Mark was a tool? It’s worse.

  • HJ Hornbeck

    A shame to see you leave here, but it sounds like a good move. I’ll continue my serial lurking at your new pad!


  • keith

    Well of course I will follow you to patheos. You are one of the top 3 bloggers at FTB as far as I am concerned. I read you for the content, not the network you are part of.

    When you finish your book, I will buy that too.


    Health insurance is really, really expensive, and I assume that you received yours through the SSA. On your own this becomes a major monthly bill. This really shows how fucked up our system is that this is a concern, but the fact does remain.

    I really, truly hope this works out for you. Be wiling to ask for assistance if you need it. Even lurkers like me care.

  • Claire

    Good for you! May your claws be ever sharp!

  • gwen

    I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next! I’ll see you in your new home!

  • sarahm

    There are a lot of comments that I’m too lazy to sift through so I hope that my question is not a repeat, but are your guest bloggers – Christine, Michaelyn and Dr. Bruger (sp?)- going to continue their posts? Love you guys! Huge Hugs

    • JT Eberhard

      Yes, they will be accompanying me. :)

  • Volzi (Stephen Fullerton)

    Hey brother,

    You know me, I will go where ever you published followed you since you told me of Xanga (5yrs now?). I will read you till the words stop flowing or I am dead.

    As for the work I completely understand when a job and life conflict. I grow to resent my job but have a family to support cant flex enough to switch at this point especially with Kris working her masters degree. You need to do what is best for you and those you love. Do it now while you can.

    Always, with love for you my friend,
    S. Fullerton and family

  • NateHevens

    I’ll follow you to Patheos, as well. I like the atheist portal there…

    And hey! Maybe you’ll finally be able to get Leah Libresco to respond to you while you’re there! :D

    In all seriousness, though, good luck with your life, and please, keep us updated on the public parts of it, so we can follow you and continue to read/hear what you have to say. You’re a great write and a great atheist, and a huge asset to the political movement. I’ve no doubt you’ll be missed at SSA, and your work with them was incredible.

    And now, on to the future!

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Like I said at Brayton’s – JT, get your Dad to blog here!

  • Ani J. Sharmin

    JT, all the best in your journeys, no matter where you go. Your dedication to atheism and especially to helping atheist teens is evident from what you write, even apart from your previous job at the SSA, and your work is appreciated. I used to read your blog when you were on Xanga way back when, and I’ll certainly continue reading at Patheos.

  • ednaz

    JT, You are awesome. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will still be awesome.

    Sending a great big hug your way.

    See you at Patheos. : )

  • Suido

    Farewell, I’ve really enjoyed your candid writing. I’m not over on Patheos much, but I’ll make an effort.

  • Gabbeh

    Well, that’s another Patheos blogger to follow!

    Delurking to say you kick ass, and I hope life continues to treat you well as you move onward.

  • sphex

    Haven’t read through all the comments, so I’m sure someone else has expressed this better than I will, but:

    I will follow you wherever you go. Thank you for everything you have done for FtB and for the SSA.

    I am glad that you are prioritizing yourself.