Live Tweeting my homeopathic overdose.

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It’s raining in St. Louis, so I decided to overdose on homeopathy.

If you’re not familiar with homeopathy, your best bet is to go and Google “Homeopathy Skeptic” and see what comes up. I’m going to basically assume in this post that you know what homeopathy is, how it supposedly works, and why claims of efficacy for it are problematic. Onward!

A few years ago I did this overdose of homeopathy on youtube:

Why? Well, because I have not seen any evidence that suggests homeopathy is any more effective than a placebo, and the mechanism by which homeopathy is supposed to work defies logic and physics.

One of the complaints made by a licensed homeopath, Dr Christo Attokaran, who is from India, was that downing a whole bottle of homeopathic pills didn’t amount to a real overdose – instead, all of the pills counted as a single dose.

I’m not going to go into why I think this is silly, but the homeopath gave me what is, in his opinion, a “real” homeopathic overdose.

He instructed me to purchase Glonoinum 30C from the homeopathic practitioner of my choice. Here it is:


The doc instructed me to take 10 pills every 2 hours (excuse his language, English is not his native language):

so our topic is Homeopathy? can u do a test for me? please take homeopathic medicne GLONOINE 30C,5 pill 2 hourly for four days. and can you report me what happened to you. According to you sugar cant cause any symptoms, be genuine to your self if u are a true researcher.



Thanks for accepting to do some real research. go to the pharmacy and ask for Glonoine 30c(pills/liquid), and take 5 pills 2 hourly for four days.(The reaction which is going to happen is severe headache) this process is called drug proving in homeopathy

After he saw the tiny little pills I ordered, he upped the dose:

CHRISTO: take 10 pills every two hourly for 4 days

Wait.. do I have to take them overnight? What about my consumption of Mountain Dew? Won’t the caffeine negate the effects?

Coffee never block the action of our medicne glonoine 30, so u can continue your habit., and you have to take the medicne only during the day, ie. from morning 6 am to 10 pm, just for four days. (head ache caused by glonoine will never disturb your sleep -dont worry, it will cause only headache in the mornings,night its rare)

I’m going to take 10 pills every 2 hours. I already took my first dose and set my phone’s timer for 2 hours. I’m recording every dose via my phone’s video camera.

I’m also Tweeting about it, so if you’re interested, go find me @Ziztur

Along the way, the homeopath and I had an interesting conversation:

me: So, what will you say to me if this proving causes no symptoms?
  CHRISTO: hello
  but it cant fail
me: But hypothetically, what if it does?
 CHRISTO: i am 100% sure that it works
me: But hypothetically, what if it does not work?
 CHRISTO: i cant think a situation like that-sorry
me: It’s hypothetical – that means you use your imagination.
CHRISTO: because i too had doubt in the action of homeopathic medicne
  but after i took this medicne my doubt was cleared
me:Right. So you say that it is impossible that I will not get a headache.
me: So hypothetically, what will you say if I do not get a headache? I am sure you can answer this question.
 CHRISTO: i cant, because it is immpossible
me:Well, it is impossible that my husband is a horse, but if I woke up this morning and a horse were in bed with me instead of my husband, I would have plenty to say.
  That’s why the question is based on a hypothetical schenario.
 CHRISTO: i know that, so i should answer you
me:I want to know if your certainty in homeopathy is amenable to contrary evidence.
 CHRISTO: ok then many factors are there, it start from the preperation of medicne to storage which effects the action of medicne
me:Perhaps you should prepare the medicine and send it to me, then. I am more than willing to order it, but I want to rule out any conflicting variables.
 If, for example, I don’t get a heacache, you can say, “well, the medicine was not prepared correctly.”
 CHRISTO: i will ask you to do the test again with different brand of the same medicne
me:We can avoid that if we know the medicine is prepared correctly.
CHRISTO: or i will send u the medicine
  now you get it from a pharmacy near you
me: I am going to order it from the link I gave you, I cannot order it easily from the local pharmacy.
 CHRISTO: ok i agree
me: Do you know what an ad hoc fallacy is?
me: Also, I want to order the remedy which will cause a rash in proving for my husband, but I need to know which one to order.
 CHRISTO: wait…first u do it
  later i will tell
me:Well, I have to pay for shipping, I want to order them at the same time.
 CHRISTO: i will send it for you
  dont worry
me: What is your reason for not telling me?
 CHRISTO: because u dont belive in homeopathy till now
me:I don’t understand why that is a reason to not tell me a remedy which you believe will cause a rash.
 CHRISTO: and after this proving you are going to change
 me:You are very sure of your work.
  Is there any evidence you can think of that would convince you that homeopathy does not work?
 CHRISTO: no…because i am a physician and i get enough experience
me: So no evidence will convince you that homeopathy does not work.
 CHRISTO: so from experience faith comes
me:So is your position on homeopathy’s efficacy based on evidence?
 CHRISTO: i may fail but homeopathy never fail
 i may fail in selecting correct remedy for a case but homeopathy never fails
 me: If no evidence will convince you that homeopathy does not work, then it is not possible for your position on the efficacy of homeopathy to be based on evidence.
 CHRISTO: dear friend, please do the test and reply ok
me:If no evidence will convince you that homeopathy does not work, then nothing I do or say, and nothing that happens to me can be provided as evidence to you that homeopathy does not work.
  I will definitely do the test.
 CHRISTO: because i feel action speaks louder than voice
me: I have already ordered the remedy, I can do no action until it arrives.
 CHRISTO: ok i will wait
  do msg me when u get the remedy
 ok bye take care
me: Are you a very well known homeopath in India?
my patients knows me
 me: I must go, bye!

So, from now and for the next four days, I’ll be taking these little sugar pills. Christo’s hypothesis is that I will experience an extreme headache. My hypothesis is that I will experience no measurable increase in headache activity over my typical headache activity.

Edit: I bought the pills from here.


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