Meanwhile in Africa…

This is the dumbest thing.

First, it’s bullshit.  It’s a straight up lie.

Sports marketing experts have said Douglas, who became the first African-American woman to win the all-around gold, could earn between $2 to $3 million dollars with endorsement opportunities. Douglas has no idea.

“I just Googled my name and I read, ‘Gabby just signed a $90 million contract!’ What? They were saying she’s worth, two to three to four million dollars,” Douglas said poking fun at all the online fiction. “I need to stop, when money gets involved, I have to go on Twitter and don’t read anything about myself.”

When you have to lie to defend your position, it’s probably time to abandon that position.

Second, even with the lie this is a terrible message.  Does god not give a shit about people working three jobs to support their kids unless they’re the best in the world at something?  What an ass.  And I mean *best*; because let’s not imagine that all those other gymnasts didn’t bust their asses too.

What’s more, where was god while her mom was working the three jobs?  Did he provide Gabby with the off-brand corn flakes?  Fuck no.  He didn’t even hand her the 90 mil!

And lastly, how shitty to give god credit for the hours each day that Gabby put in!  Even if you’re a Christian, you can credit freewill or god for making it happen.  You don’t get both.

And hey, you can’t expect god to feed the millions of starving kids the world over when he’s so busy bestowing so much on Gabby, amirite?

Christ, these people are so eager boast the carelessness and pettiness of the god they worship.

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