Solid rant on the Tea Party.

It’s rather a pity that the best journalism seems to come from fiction.

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  • Rich Stage

    The right wing has opened my eyes,
    though it should not have been a surprise.
    If you haven’t heard,
    then new bad ‘c’ word
    is the evil thing called ‘compromise’.

  • Susi

    agreed with your statement! i said the same thing when i watched it.

  • Epinephrine

    Wow, I wish that really was a newscast.

    • astro

      Doesn’t matter. It still functions the same way. The quotes from politicians are real. Dainiels’ comments and rebuttles are solid. It is just as valid in this format as it is from news media…And since they’re not doing their fucking job, this’ll have to stand in. One good thing though is that the media can take this clip as information. The viewing public clearly is telling them the kind of journalism we want to see. It may be idealized, but its in our reach…Plus we DO have Maddow out there kicking ass three ways to Sunday

  • Kahomono

    Hell, I’d vote for him… and he’s a Republican!

  • steve84

    Like “The West Wing” is a very idealized depiction of politics, “The Newsroom” is an idealized depiction of journalism.

  • shaunphilly

    You know, the first part of this reminded me of something I saw on Rachel Maddow some time back. She covered that exact story in a similar way.