Sometimes I think I'm so witty

Hey, err’one. Michaelyn here.

With class starting on Monday, KU campus is full of frosh who just moved into the dorms. Hawk Week started last night which means all the student groups got to set up tables and advertise for their organization. I love tabling. Last night I set up shop for the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics (of which I am the current president). JT insisted I share this with you. Here’s the candy I picked out!

Heath-ens, Riesens, and Smarties!

Why yes, I did print off a page of “-en” and tape them to heath bars. :D Tabling was a great success last night! I met a lot of awesome people (and a few people who tried to convince me we dream after we die therefore there’s life after death) but mostly awesome people. I’ll be back at it again this evening!

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  • Catwhisperer

    *Squints at screen*
    What is this devilry…. smarties? Those aren’t smarties. Aren’t they supposed to be little round chocolate thingies with colourful sugary shells? Don’t you have those in the US? Or are they just M&Ms?

    • piegasm

      Yeah in the US it’s just M&Ms. US Smarties are little fruit flavored tablet things.

      • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

        That’s a bit generous. ;/

    • Michaelyn

      What you’re describing remind me of Sixlets.

      • Catwhisperer

        What the hell are sixlets? Wait, let me guess, they are sugar-shelled chocolate things like M&Ms. Huh. So US smarties are like Lovehearts? And what’s a Heath(-en)? Nicely done, by the way!

        • Michaelyn

          Heath bars are chocolate covered toffee candy bars.
          And thank you :]

    • lordshipmayhem

      Yes, what to Canadians are “Rockets” are “Smarties” in the States. Canadian Smarties are chocolate covered with a hard candy shell, similar to plain M&M’s (except the individual Smarties pieces are slightly smaller).

      Clever name change on the Heath bars. I like it!

    • Aliasalpha

      The things mis-labelled as smarties look like what in Australia are called Fruit Tingles, do they kind of fizz up when you suck on them?

    • MarkNS

      Yeah, Smarties are like M&Ms but better. And those things labeled “Smarties” are called “Rockets” in the civilized world (i.e. Canada).

  • faehnrich

    Nice. I will totally hand out Heathen bars at Halloween this year, along with this Cthulhu Chick Track.

    Is it KU as in Kentucky? You near the Black-n-Bluegrass Derby Girls? If so, you should check out their bout tonight. It’s against my friends the Hazmat Crew from Cleveland.

    • Michaelyn


      …sorry. It’s just. Kentucky is UK. KU is Kansas (University of Kansas now, but was originally Kansas State University). Also, I hate UK. Mostly because their basketball team beat us in the national championship last year.

      [obligatory disclaimer: I don't *actually* hate UK. I have friends there.]

      • faehnrich

        Sorry, don’t know why I didn’t think there’s more than one state that starts with a K.

        I know how you feel though. I am quick to correct people when they say the creation “museum” is in my state of Ohio and not Kentucky. It’s right near the border, but it’s not in Ohio! Although, I did find a tiny creation “museum” in Akron.

  • ‘Tis Himself

    Sometimes I think I’m so witty

    You’re better than some people, who are so half-witty.

    • JohnnieCanuck

      Better perhaps than being half-fast.

      Boolean notation

  • smhll

    It took me a minute to figure out the “reason” candies.

  • feralboy12

    Were the Christian groups handing out “Bit O’ Christ” bars?

    • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

      Campus Crusade for Christ could hand out Nutrageous bars.

  • DrMcCoy

    “Riesens”? “Riesen” is already the plural!

  • Marcus Ranum

    OMG heathen bars! That’s worthy of a Jack Chick tract!

  • tubi

    I do a lot of business training sessions, and we always have to set out snacks* for participants. It gives them something to focus on while I drone away at the front of the room.

    I’ve always wanted to try an experiment by placing an equivalent number of Smarties and Dum-dums in the bowl and see who takes what and whether it’s a predictor of future performance. Or maybe it will rip the universe apart, which is why I haven’t tried it yet.

    *Pro-tip: little individually wrapped caramels are perfect if you want to limit the chatter. It’s hard to be disruptive and whisper to your neighbor if your jaw is sore from chewing.