The mystery pile

I just moved into a new house with my dear friend Cambridge.  Cambridge rules, possibly more than I.  But probably not.

Anyway, Cambridge cooks!  She’s always cooking more food than she needs and forcing dishes upon me that I neither paid for or put in the effort to make.  This makes me feel guilty but I eat it anyway because I’m an asshole.

So I asked Cambridge if I can buy ingredients to keep around the house for when she cooks, since I keep eating the food.  She said no, because she shops the day of since she never knows what she’s going to make.  So we came up with a plan.

I’m going to acquire a pile of random food stuffs, and once per week (at least) she will concoct something from the mystery pile.  In an hour I will be headed to the supermarket.  What should I get for the mystery pile?  I’m thinking chicken and fish/shrimp are already on the list.  What else?

Bear in mind, I know absolutely squat about cooking.

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