This just in: Pat Robertson says shit that doesn't make sense. Also the earth is round.

I know, I know; Pat Robertson saying something asinine is hardly news.  But it bears repeating that a lot of people listen to this guy and believe every insipid thing that escapes his lips.

Because Christians have a history of living peacefully with other religions, so it must have been an atheist.

Or, if you so much as read a single article on the shooting, any person of minimal intellect would realize the shooter, Wade Michael Page, was a right-wing extremist racist.  Perhaps his racism had something to do with it, Pat.  You think?

And I wonder if Pat would take me up on a bet that Page believed in Jesus.  Anybody want some action on that one?

PERSONAL: Cancer sucks.
FAITH: Woman burns down yoga studio to “get rid of the devil’s temple.”
FAITH: Jesus is not the answer to this question.
FAITH: Another atheist blogger stabbed to death in Bangladesh.
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  • ‘Tis Himself

    And I wonder if Pat would take me up on a bet that Page believed in Jesus. Anybody want some action on that one?

    That’s a sucker bet.

  • Jasper of Maine (I feel safe and welcome at FTB)

    But he didn’t really believe in Jesus!

    That’s what gets me about the “no true Christian” argument.

    It’s like an employer, say some random retail store, employing a person for 20 years. Every business day this person would show up to the store, do things for the store, like re-stocking items, cleaning up messes, running the register, etc. The store gave this guy a consistent salary for this 20 years, had him officially on their payrolls/paperwork/etc.

    The, one day, this employee rapes someone.

    The store all of a sudden tries to say that the person was never an employee in the first place, because no true employee of Bob’s Retail would do something like that!

    Well, unfortunately, that leaves everyone with the problem that it’s impossible to tell who is or who is not a true employee until 1 of 2 things happens:

    1. The employee dies, never having done anything bad.
    2. The employee does something bad, thus indicating he/she is not an actual employee.

    Until then, it’s a wild ass guess for any particular individual.

    • Alverant

      So is it retroactive history or some twist on the Uncertainty Principle?

      It reminds me of when a gun nut talks about “responsible law-abiding gun owners”. “law-abiding” by itself virtually defines “no true scotsman”. Keep in mind Pages and Holmes had no recent criminal activity on their records before their rampages.

      • Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant)

        Schrodinger’s Christian?

  • Steve Warburton

    That’s what I like about religious folk. They open their mouths, shit comes out and they think it’s flowers.

  • Mare Lacrimarum

    Pat Robertson has his head so far up his ass, his voice should have a damn echo.

    “…they are angry at the world, angry at themselves, angry at society…”

    What we are angry about are the ignorant, bigoted assertions and superiority complexes (while simultaneously striking martyr poses) that convince a majority of believers to force their antiquated ideals and rules on most of the world.

    Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read multiple stories about teens and children being thrown out of their house, kidnapped/forced into indoctrination camps, or even abused or killed because they are different.

    I read stories about children dying needlessly to simple, correctable issues because the parents find the need to pray away the demons rather than go to a hospital. I read stories about modern day Abrahams, wielding knives of intimidation and fear, tying up children with bonds of religion, and plunging those knives in, slowly and deliberately, until all that is left is another Abraham.

    It makes me sick, and very, very angry. (On a side note, I do very much love my mother. I have no doubt that if she heard a voice telling her to tie me up, and plunge a knife into my heart, she would take one look at the ceiling and tell that voice to fuck off.)

    “…and they take it out on innocent people who are worshiping god.”

    For all accounts, the shooter was an ignorant, clueless bigot. Kind of like Pat.

  • Mare Lacrimarum

    Sorry about that wall of text. I kind of Hulked out for a bit.

  • Umlud

    Ummm… not to be too much of a nit-picker, but the Earth isn’t “round”; its shape approaches that of an oblate spheroid.

    … just wanting to clarify that point in your title. (Also because “round” could mean that you’re saying that the Earth is shaped like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.)

    • Jasper of Maine (I feel safe and welcome at FTB)

      Spheres are round. So are circles. It’s more addressing how sharp an edge is than wether it’s a 2D or 3D shape.