This stuff could go to a guy's head…

My lovely girlfriend antagonizes me because she loves me. 🙂

So, it’s my birthday.  I’m also at a real down point depression-wise (which I’ve been writing about for the last week).  I’m doing better though, so that’s awesome.  Still, no alcohol and no sweets for me.  Control the environment.

Instead, I’m drinking in all the very sweet things people are saying.  Upon waking up, I had this idea that I was going to *like* all the bday wishes on my facebook wall to show my gratitude. They’re coming in faster than I can *like* them though, so that plan fell apart.  It’s enough to give a guy an ego.  Thank you, everybody.  This movement is not lucky to have me, rather I am so very, very lucky to be a part of this movement.  This is more than I could’ve ever hoped for in my life.

Here are some of the ones that DEFINITELY HAVEN’T MADE ME CRY!

From Tara:

Coming up with something amazing for an amazing person on short notice has never been my forte. Instead of amazing, I guess I will settle for blunt:

You’re passion in the movement inspires Brandon and I to do more. You have such strengthen and determination to constantly do good and overcome any obstacles you face.

And we are lucky enough to call you a friend.
Happy Birthday JT! We miss your face and can’t wait to party it up at SK5! 🙂

From Zach:

JT: You, sir, kick loads of ass. You are an inspiration to college students and grassroots organizers at large everywhere. I admire your self-motivation and your response to adversity. May you have a very merry anniversary of birth.

From Jeremy, with whom I went to college:

Hey, JT.

Haven’t seen you in a while, but I’ve been keeping up with WWJTD. I read your posts every day, and every day I find new inspiration. I’ve learned so much from you about free thought and what it means to be a decent, rational person. Your words have pushed me to be more outspoken about what I believe (and what I don’t) and given me the arsenal I need to hold my own against those who try to change my beliefs and take my freedoms.

Because of you I am a better, more efficient advocate of atheism and a better person. I have helped some people through understanding their place in the world, and have brought comfort to a few, and I’ve done it all by borrowing your words. I know others have done the same. Because of that, and the countless number of people you have helped and will help in the future, you have cemented your place in history.

You are a hero to me.

I know one that day you will be at the forefront of the secular movement – fighting for rationality and winning – and know that I and millions of others will be right there beside you.

Happy birthday, buddy.

I want everybody to know that this did not make me cry. Heroes don’t cry.

Then there’s this post on Polyskeptic (note: I don’t volunteer for the SSA, they actually pay me :P).

From Rebecca Hensler at Grief Beyond Belief:

Every time I walk past the movie ad with the tagline, “Fear the demon that does not fear God!” I think of you. Happy happy JT. You rock so hard you are solid.

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