We know how to party

It’s a commonly accepted fact that atheists have no morals.*  So when my friend Cambridge and I got mostly moved into our new house today, how did we celebrate?



Fuck no.  We pushed it to the limit.

* Invitation to quote-mine the hell out of me.

  • KirikaSena

    Hahah… Those are so horrible. ;P

    • http://freethoughtblogs.com/wwjtd JT Eberhard

      …ly awesome.

      • Nick Johnson

        …if you’re looking to acquire diabetes!

      • KirikaSena

        Eh, I prefer some type of fruit flavored popsicle, as the Freeze Pops taste like strange, sugary water. :) But hey, there’s wine there as well, right? Yay! ^_~

        • IslandBrewer

          Well, freezer pops are strange sugary water. what did you expect?

          • kirikasena

            I expected them to be horrible, hence my first post: “Those are so horrible.” Is that somehow confusing? ;P

          • IslandBrewer

            *clutches and caresses the freezer pops*

            “There, there my sweets. That bad bad person didn’t mean it. You’re wonderful.”

  • John Lenard

    Freezer pops, booze, and Strong Bad.

    The party food of champions.

  • Adam

    I love those!

  • John Eberhard


    • Daniel Schealler


  • Whelve

    Otter Pops and wine? I think you need more wine…..

  • Dantalion

    Dennis Markuze (xjustos),

    I was under the impression that the terms of your suspended sentence involved not posting anything online for 18 months.

  • robb


    “It’s a commonly accepted fact that atheists have…friend…”

  • http://mrtact.com/blog Tim Keating

    I don’t see a syringe… how did you get the wine into the freezer pops?

    • kim

      Maybe those are the adult versions that already have booze in them. Although they won’t freeze very well with booze. Maybe they’re going to do flaming shots as a counterpoint to frozen things.

      • Kat in AZ

        Frozen lemonade concentrate reconstituted with a Dry white wine instead of water (3 1/2 cans of wine instead of water) them stirred and placed in a freezer overnight is a great treat to come home from work and enjoy… The wine slush is a great way to cool down, especially this week here in the Phoenix Metro area, with our week of 110F+ heatwave.

  • IslandBrewer

    If there were a god, then why isn’t there any naturally occurring blue food? Humans had to invent the blue raspberry freezer pop – the pinnacle of human achievement!

  • Zme

    Looking at your shopping, I would say that you don’t know how to party (unless the party is for 10 yr olds).

  • John Horstman

    Oh, that picture makes my teeth ache.