Well spin me dizzy, Fox.

Christina here,

I wasn’t going to write about Chick-fil-a, but today while working my clinical OT, I listened toFM News Talk in the car between clients.


All day.

I don’t think they went  5 minutes without mentioning them. They had advertisements for “Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day”. They had callers call in to tell them how long the lines were, how good the chicken was, and how horrible liberals were for being such free-speech killers. All day.

I probably spent two and a half hours throughout the day listening to them.  The talk show hosts repeatedly claimed that liberals and gays were boycotting Chick-fil-a because the COO simply shared his opinion on gay marriage.

This is not why people are unhappy with Chick-fil-a.

People are unhappy with Chick-fil-a because part of their profits are donated to anti-gay organizations. in 2010, they donated 2 million dollars. They donated money to, for example, the Family Research council, who in turn, among other things, spent $25,000 to oppose legislation “condemn[ing] the Ugandan government’s legislative efforts to make “homosexuality” an offense punishable by death.

Not once did anybody on Fox News Radio mention this. They didn’t even hint at it. Instead, they said things like, “all Dan Cathy did was say he supports traditional marriage. Now liberals want to ban them from opening stores in Chicago.” and, “This is just another liberal attack on free speech”

On the Dana Show, she said,

“Do you doubt the power of the conservative movement? Two examples: Here you have people trying to boycott Chick-fil-a. Whenever the left tries to minimize something, the right can counter back and actually makes the boycott such an epic fail that now Chick-fil-a is flourishing. I’ve had people send me photos from all around the country all day long, showing me how packed Chick-fil-a restaurants are… That’s the power of the conservative movement. Voters are informed… They know how to deduce what’s spin… they are on to the leftist spin…. You just got served. You’re gonna talk about boycotting a business because you don’t like what the owner said.. ehhhh! get over it! It’s America!  YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO NOT BE OFFENDED! You don’t! It’s not anywhere in the constitution! You. Do. Not. Have. The. Right. To. Not. Be. Offended by something somebody else says.  You don’t. Period.  If something offends you and you don’t want to go to an establishment because of something somebody said, okay fine. Then don’t! But when you’ve got mayors saying they’re gonna ban a business because of something somebody says, that’s a first amendment violation.”

I hope voters are informed enough to deduce that Fox is the one doing the spinning by omitting the fact that most people are concerned with Chick-fil-a profits being donated to anti-gay organizations, not simply that Dan Cathy said something about traditional marriage.

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