Where to go next?

Tomorrow I make the move to Patheos.  I’ll really miss FtB, but I’m looking forward to my new life as a writer.  Speaking of which, I picked up another writing job (more on that later), and so between that and Patheos I’m going to be living pretty comfortably working from my home and transferring my thoughts to words.

I’ll want to get settled first, but one of the perks of this life is that I can do it from anywhere.  I imagine I’ll stay based in Columbus, but I do intend to travel.  I will probably hit Missouri early for Skepticon and hang out with all my old mates from my college days.  I know I’ll want to visit Christina in St. Louis, as that hasn’t happened in far too long.  I’ll probably also visit Dr. Dave in Kansas City and, of course, Michaelyn in Kansas.  I’ll probably spend a great deal of time in Arkansas toward the end of the year with my family.  Anywhere I can set up my laptop for nine hours a day is where my office will be.

If you’re in any of those areas and want to pick me up as a speaker starting about in November, shoot me an email (wwjtd21 [a]t gmail [dot] com).  I’m looking at you, everybody in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The sky truly is the limit.  Hell, maybe I’ll do a book tour once the book is out and just go visit any atheist group who’ll give me a couch to crash on.  It’s so odd to even be considering this type of freedom.  It’s exciting.  It feels like adventure.

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