Why we tussle in public.

It is often asked why we argue in public.  It’s not like we’ll change anybody’s mind, right?  Well, forgetting for a moment that we do actually change people’s minds, we also do it for a host of other reasons.  Likely as a result of my father’s casual and open atheism, he was sent this message by someone on facebook. (Bold is my dad)

Hey John, I have to tell you something amazing happened last weekend.
my mom came to visit for the weekend. she has not been here in 7 years
we had some real quality time.
and out of the blue, she says, you know religion doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense anymore.

Were you shocked?

Now, this is a woman who raised us catholic. made us go to catholic school. church every day at school and then we went on sundays.
she married a presbyterian minister after divorcing my drunk abusive father.
always devout
so, she says that she has been doing a lot of reading.
she, like my kids and myself, love science.
and she says, “all this stuff about creation and the bible, we don’t need a god for all that”
I about fell out of my chair


she says, I think the bible is just a guide. written by people over the centuries, as a guide for civilization.

How cool!
I am now speechless
HOw very Jeffersonian.

I know.

What an uplifting stroy! Thank you for sharing!

and we proceeded to talk about the universe and string theory and universe theory.

Words fail me.

it turns out, I am more like her than I ever knew
she has been faking her faith for years
like me
I asked what she thought ##### would think. he was her late husband (minister). and she said, well…he always did like science fiction. she says she thinks he was starting to have thoughts the diverged from the church a long time ago!!!
and this from a minister with a doctorate in theology
so, at 77 years old, my mom has “come out of the religious closet!”

That had to just blow you away

I wish my mom was younger.

me, too!

we are becoming closer and closer friends.
well, just wanted to share that with you.
It seems there is an awakening happening.

Would you mind if my son posts this on his blog?

can you not mention my name?
business you know.

Of course.

then yes.
a quote from her “the more I think about it, the more I realize that religion just doesn’t make any sense”

We are public to provide the closet atheists with solidarity, so that they can know the war of ideas will be fought on their behalf if they must ever leave.  We do it to announce our numbers, so they know there is a community waiting on them.  We do it so children can learn that they were more like their parents than they knew, even as adults.

And for anybody who ever bemoans how hard it is to be a Christian in the United States, remember this line:

can you not mention my name?
business you know.

When was the last time you were afraid to divulge your religious beliefs for fear that Christians might fire you or otherwise make business difficult?  Remember that.

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