William Owens: Irony Machine

This fills my skull with rage.

The pastor at the end, William Owens, is the worst.  But I’ll get to him.  The story says their gripe is that President Obama’s support of marriage equality threatens the stability of the family…

How?  I mean, if restaurants are allowed to sell fish, does that somehow threaten the rights of others to sell burgers?

Plus, look at the variation of divorce rates in the United States.

Religion% have been divorced
Born-again Christians27%
Other Christians24%
Atheists, Agnostics21%

Or, check out the divorce rate by religion among those who have been married.  30% for atheist/agnostics, but 32% for born-again Christians (33% for non born-again Christians).  The point is that you don’t get to lecture anybody on what threatens the stability of marriage, since the introduction of Christianity, on average, raises the divorce rate.

And for a pastor, the head of a church that, like every other church, doesn’t pay a red cent in taxes to say that Obama is bowing to the money by ignoring them…the only way he could do it with a straight face is if he was getting yearly irony vaccinations.  You think the gay rights movement has more money that the religious lobby?  Seriously?  In what universe does this guy live?  It sure as fuck ain’t this one.

Then he says the African American community does not support same-sex marriage.  If true, that’s a damn shame.  If there was a demographic that know the injustice of inequality and should be in a place to empathize with the victims of discrimination, it’s the African American community.  Fortunately, recent polling suggests it’s not true.  49% of African Americans would actively oppose marriage equality (even though 67% don’t approve of it).  These numbers are also plummeting.  The percentages for African Americans opposing marriage equality are higher than the national average , but dropping at a more significant clip.  So Owens doesn’t get to say the African American community opposes gay marriage when less than half of them would.

Then Owens points out that in several states they’ve voted against marriage equality.  To watch a black man tell a camera that equal rights for a minority should be a matter of voting betrays an enormous lack of situational awareness on his part.

Owens then asks where the gay community was when Obama was running for president.  Answer: voting for him, just like you.  How do people like Owens get taken seriously by anyone?  Oh, that’s right, this is a CBN piece.  Who cares if it’s inane if he agrees with us, right?

Also, this guy is pretty deep into politics.  How long before this guy and his congregation has to start paying taxes?

Then he talks about segregation, saying the gay community is guilty of segregation now.  When he talks about it, he says multiple times that whites didn’t want them – whites didn’t want them in their restaurants, etc.  Whites also didn’t want them marrying their sons and daughters, which is why it was illegal up until Loving v. Virgina in 1967.  How the hell are the ones wanting equal rights guilty of segregation and not the ones opposing it?  What would Owens have had to say to the pious Christians defending the sanctity of traditional marriage, and protecting its stability, by opposing interracial marriage back then?  Were they the victims of segregation, or its lifeblood?

The answer should worry Owens, but until he develops an awareness of irony I fear he won’t bat an eyelash.

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