A petition I can get behind


I have the unfortunate experience of living directly next to the state of Kansas. However, one enterprising individual has some up with just the thing our country needs: Kansas needs to change its name.


As a proud resident of Kansas City, Missouri, I’m tired of the negative associations and constant embarrassment at the hands of Kansas lawmakers’ and their ridiculous stances.

-In 2005 Kansas earned worldwide ridicule by suggesting that intelligent design be taught alongside evolution in the classroom, asserting that evolution is “an unproven, often disproven, theory”.

-More recently, Secretary of State Kris Kobach agreed to consider removing President Obama’s name from the election ballot because he “lacked sufficient evidence about his birth certificate “.

I think it’s time we take our city back by requesting that the State of Kansas change its name. This may not go down well with some residents, but I believe they’ll come around and instead see this as a massive opportunity! Instead of the anglicized name of a Native American tribe it could be named after something really American! Maybe “Jesusland”, “Godsoldier”, “Republicania”, or “Straightland”. The possibilities are endless! The only real challenge here will be selecting a name, a challenge that can easily be solved by letting white Christian straight people vote on it.

This is truly a win win for both the State of Kansas and Kansas City. Please join me in supporting such a critical cause.



I’m on board.


You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger

I recruit in Kansas City, http://www.kcatheists.org/
& https://www.facebook.com/KCAtheists


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  • Loqi

    Has Ed Brayton suggested Wingnuttia yet? I suppose they wouldn’t go for that, would they?

  • Ashley

    I thought it was already called something different, “Brownbackistan.”

  • iknklast

    C’mon, surely they don’t think Missouri is much better? Look at some of the nonsense they’ve passed as law.

  • Randomfactor