Catholic priest makes thirteen year olds lick whipped cream off his knee.

You’re probably thinking “Oh, JT is being sensationalist with a blog title.”  No, no I’m not.  That is exactly what happened.  If you’re feeling like your day needs a tremendous swell of moral outrage, follow that link and look at the pictures.

A police investigation has been launched after a series of disturbing photos emerged showing schoolchildren licking whipped cream from the knee of a Polish priest.

The images – which are apparently part of an ‘initiation ceremony’ at Salesians High School in Lubin, southern Poland – show both male and female 13-year old pupils taking part in the bizarre practice.

When confronted by the police, how do you think Marcin Kozyra responded?  Did he deny the allegations?  Did he say that the kids were actually older?  Did he say it wasn’t a crime because they were almost fourteen years old?


Father Marcin Kozyra, who is also the school’s principal, has defended his actions by saying such ceremonies for first year pupils have been an annual event for many years.

Who gives a shit if it’s tradition???  What on earth could possibly make you think that was ok?  “Gee, officer, I didn’t even think about whether it had submissive sexual undertones in-keeping with the pedophilia rampant in the Catholic church, I just did it because it was tradition.”  You’re either an abject idiot, morally repugnant and dishonest, or both.  I’m going with both.

In the photos the Catholic priest is shown sitting on a battered armchair, wearing shorts and with some form of stick across his knees.

The pupils are shown kneeling around Father Kozyra as they watch each other lick cream from his bare knee.

Other photos show the students crawling up the stairs in a single file on their hands and knees.

You’re the principal at a Catholic school for fuck’s sake!  What did you hope to achieve with this practice?

You’d think that the depraved man with the cane would be the ultimate proof that religious faith does not cure immorality, which he may be.  But he is certainly not the definitive example of how religion can wither a person’s moral instincts.  That example comes from some of their parents.

While some people have expressed shock over the pictures, which were posted on the school’s website, the parents of some pupils have come out in support of the priest.

In a letter of defence they claimed that the whipped cream was actually shaving foam and nobody was forced to eat it.

Yes, because it’s the whipped cream that’s inappropriate, not the licking it from a old man’s knee or the crawling around on all fours and kneeling.

The parental instinct is to protect one’s child.  When even one parent would sooner defend their church when it does something like this, faith has truly subverted our humanity.

These people are just sick.  God can have them, because any decent society shouldn’t want them.

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