College football thread.

Ugh, college football.  Can we just pretend that’s not happening today and skip to tomorrow so I can boast about how all my NFL picks from last week worked out?  Can we, huh?  Pleeeeeeeease?

Arkansas plays Texas A&M this week.  I hate all teams from Texas.  The last few years we’ve had A&M’s number, but this year Arkansas is in complete disarray.  Maybe they’ll do what worked toward the end of the Rutgers game: run a five wide-receiver set for every play and let Tyler Wilson try to outscore our opponent.  Because, and I’m being generous here, Arkansas’ secondary couldn’t stop a box turtle.

I’ve also been really hard on John L. Smith.  Granted, he’s a terrible coach, but what the hell did Razorback fans expect?  Nobody we got was going to be as good as Bobby Petrino, especially not that far into the off season.  There was the hope that we had enough talent that Smith couldn’t fuck it up, but clearly we didn’t.  At this point I’d say just let him finish out the season.

Hey!  Basketball season is coming up!  :)

Points for discussion today: Can Arkansas turn the season around?  Which top 25 team loses?

And, of course, use the thread to discuss the games today amongst other godless folk.

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  • Rich Stage

    Top 25 losers include Michigan State. I also think we’re going to be looking at an Oregon State upset in Arizona.

  • Ashley

    It’s one of those college football weekends where nothing will make me happy. My Yellow Jackets are off to a really disappointing start (2-2, 2 wins over crap teams and 2 overtime losses to mediocre teams) and play another crap team today. If they win big it’s what they should do and I’ll still be miserable over the season as a whole. If anything else happens I’ll smash my TV.

    I hate college football, except that I love it.

  • invivoMark

    I would love to predict that Nebraska will be the top 25 team to lose. But I don’t know if my badgers can pull that one off!

  • Michael Bollenbach

    I picked Baylor to upset West Virginia. Not very many games to watch today though.

  • RockDrJ

    My pick for the upset is Texas losing to OK State. Watch Notre Dame. That Brian Kelly is a helluva coach.