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Ryan BainesYesterday 10:54 PM

Why don’t you stop bashing other faiths and keep your faith of disbelief to yourself?

Ryan BainesYesterday 10:54 PM
My faith requires way less faith than your faith

Well Ryan, I don’t stop bashing the faiths of others because in many cases their incorrect beliefs about the world cause grievous harm to many of its occupants, and I give a shit about the suffering of others.

In other cases, people’s faith gives them a bad reason to be good (when good reasons are perfectly available) while spreading the idea that being unreasonable is ok, which feeds all of the people in the previous category.

And your faith requires less faith than mine?  First, what is my faith?  You didn’t say, which makes it hard for me to defend myself, since I have no clue what you’re getting at.  Is science my faith?  If you think my faith in science requires more faith than yours, I can show you my cell phone.  Show me your god.

Even without the fact that I base my beliefs on the constraining, but reliable standard of reality, consider the differences in our beliefs that we do know about.  You have faith that someone rose from the dead.  I think that’s, frankly, an extremely gullible belief at best, flagrantly stupid at worst.  I have all the evidence on my side that people don’t rise from the dead.  You can’t honestly tell me that it takes more faith to think people stay dead than to believe the laws of nature were suspended 2,000 years ago and somebody rose from the dead.  If you can, then you have exceeded sanity’s escape velocity to such a degree that there’s little hope of pulling you back to where any sensible person should be.

However, if you’re just throwing out “your beliefs require more than mine” because you heard it in church and didn’t really think about it before regurgitating it to me, then there’s still a chance you’ll take a moment to consider the implications of that sentence.  In that case, there’s still hope that you could actually discuss and defend your beliefs admirably and fairly, even if you don’t change them.  But defending your faith-based beliefs with “you require more faith than me” as if faith is a bad thing (which I think it is), doesn’t cut it, Ryan.

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