Folding at home, even less effort that prayer.



Are you helping find cures for diseases like cancer? You could be!

Protein folding is linked to disease, such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many Cancers.
Moreover, when proteins do not fold correctly (i.e. “misfold”), there can be serious consequences, including many well known diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Mad Cow (BSE), CJD, ALS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many Cancers and cancer-related syndromes.

What is protein folding?
Proteins are biology’s workhorses — its “nanomachines.” Before proteins can carry out these important functions, they assemble themselves, or “fold.” The process of protein folding, while critical and fundamental to virtually all of biology, in many ways remains a mystery.

If you have a computer, you can help out. Set it up once and forget about it, original entry with instructions here,


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  • Nate Frein

    Just got my main rig started. I got a couple old laptops that I can set up in a corner to run this stuff too when I have the spare time to get them set up. Thanks for passing this along!

  • Icaarus

    I was bouncing between 1 and 2. Though currently my main rig is down so everyone has a chance to overtake me. Go for it, I dare you. Winner gets internet points and acknowledgements of sciencing

  • Avery Thompson

    There’s also an Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists group that’s ranked 90 out of 215399. Their page is here:

  • John Horstman

    I’m #7; I wish their GPU processing app actually worked (mine’s constantly stuck trying to find data to download). Also, be aware that the multi-core version is command-line-only (or at least was – maybe they have a GUI installer for it now), so if you want to set up folding@home to use all of your CPU cores (I assume most people have multi-core machines these days), it takes a very little bit of extra effort to set up.

    I suppose I really ought to look for updated builds. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Nate Frein

      I figured I’d save the thinking for when I set the stuff up on my laptops (they’re linux) but a quick look at my processor gadget is telling me that all my cores are chewing on this, and that’s with the quick out of the box gui download.

  • Sithrazer

    I just put together a server out of old hardware that was lying around, and today put F@H on it after seeing this post.
    Unfortunately, I’m going to have to leave F@H off until I can pick up a beefier heatsink/fan. The CPU temp crept up to 98C (crit temp being 110C, according to the monitor software) and that’s uncomfortably high. If the fan takes a crap, the CPU is gonna overheat in seconds.

  • neXus

    I’m #16 Woooo! =p