Godless NFL thread.

My Hogs are 1-3.  I never want to talk about football again until the subject is how quickly John L. Smith can be fired as the Razorbacks’ coach.

But I will endure.  Sadly, the Raiders are 0-2 and last week all of my picks failed.

Last week:

My player to watch was Darren McFadden, who failed to tear up the Miami Dolphins’ defense.  He had 22 yards on 11 carries.  Ugh.

Upset pick, I had the Lions beating the 49ers.  San Fran took the game 27-19.  This is why I’m not on ESPN.  Then again, I’m 1-1 on the year with upset picks, and if you can break even picking teams that are supposed to lose, I guess you’re doing ok.  😛

This week:

Player of the week: Matthew Stafford.  The Lions will go to the air early and often and the Titans don’t have the secondary to slow him down.

Upset pick:  I’m looking at the Colts vs. the Jaguars and see the Colts favored by 3.  That’s really, really tempting.  But no, I’m going with the Bengels to upset the Redskins.


My fantasy line up stays the same (and, in my other league, Tebow remains at the ass-end of the bench where he belongs).  I’m 2-0 on the year so far, but Cam Newton really sucked it up this week.  I need big games from Shonn Green and Darren McFadden.  I would say I need a big game from Mike Wallace, but the Steelers are playing the Raiders this week and I need him to drop every pass that comes his way.

QB – Cam Newton (CAR)
RB – Darren McFadden (OAK)
RB – Shonn Green (NYJ)
WR- AJ Green (CIN)
WR – Mike Wallace (PIT)
TE – Tony Gonzalez (ATL)
FLEX – Titus Young (DET WR)
D/ST – Chicago Bears
K – Sebastian Janikowski (OAK)

Points for discussion:

Which 0-2 teams will get back above .500 before the end of the season?  Will they make the playoffs?

Conversely, which 2-0 team will fold like origami the rest of the year?

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