Godless open NFL thread.

After my highly injured and incompetently coached Razorbacks got positively obliterated by Alabama, I don’t think I want to talk about football the rest of the year.  But I’m still gonna.

Last Week:

Last week I had Peyton Manning as the player to watch.  They were clearly easing him back in with a lot of under routes so that his 19/26 2 TD performance (with no picks) got kind of overshadowed by a mediocre 253 yards passing.  Still, the guy’s still got it.  But because Peyton didn’t explode, I’ll say I missed that pick.  0-1 there on the year.

However, for my upset I boldly called that the 49ers would beat the top team in the power rankings, the Green Bay Packers.  Give it up, because I was right.  1-0.

This Week:

Player to watch: Darren McFadden.  Yes, I’m biased, and you can blame that if I turn out to be wrong.  But McFadden was anemic last week against the Chargers.  He doesn’t tend to do that two weeks in a row and, against the Dolphins, he might find he has some more running lanes.  Plus, Jacoby Ford is injured, so they’ll undoubtedly be handing the ball off more.  Look for McFadden to go apeshit.

Upset:  If I were going for easy mode, I’d take the Jets to upset the Steelers.  The line is Pittsburgh by 6, which is perplexing considering that last week the Jets looked like gods (that Tebow didn’t worship from the sidelines…strange how nobody notices him Tebowing from the bench) and the Steelers looked hungover against a pretty average Denver team.  But no, I’m going bold again.  Even though the 49ers looked unstoppable against Green Bay last week, I think they have a let down game this week and fall to the Detroit Lions.

Discussion point for the week: I have bet Michaelyn that the Jets will start Tebow this season over a healthy Mark Sanchez at least once.  I thought that would be the easiest bet I’d ever won, but after what Sanchez did last week I’m not so sure.  What say you guys?

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  • Rebecca Hensler

    I say that if the Raiders can just hike the ball properly this morning I’ll be content.

    Yep. that’s my Raiders, always lowering my standards :-)

  • Michaelyn

    My season predictions:
    Raiders gonna lose. Jets gonna win. :D

  • Courtney C.

    Jets fans, like us Cowboys, are notoriously fickle. By the middle of the season the Jets will be in their typical slump and fans will be calling for Sanchez’s head. Tebow will start, the fans will rally and maaaaaaaybe even get a glimmer of hope for playoffs. But ultimately, Tebow is the lesser QB and he will prove that.

    • Michaelyn

      Tebow will not start. JT and I have a bet going. They can’t let Tebow start as a QB.

      • Courtney C.

        Oh! Well in that case, I’m sure if you let Rex Ryan know he will gladly accommodate :) Haha

    • Trevor

      And yet, the Jets stuck with Sanchez for three years and then gave him an extension. I think Sanchez would have to play exceptionally badly before they start Tebow.

  • http://polyskeptic.com Wes

    I’m not seeing Tebow starting unless the season is totally in the can. No coach wants to fuel a QB controversy, so as long as the Jets are in contention, they’ll stick with Sanchez.

  • ganner

    So much for McFadden. I drafted him onto my fantasy team and afraid he’s going to be a bust.

  • SLC

    Since when is 233 yards on 26 passes mediocre. That’s nearly 10 yards per pass, which is outstanding. I don’t think that nany quarterback in the history of the NFL has averaged 10 yards per pass over an entire season.

  • SimonPure

    It’s always funny to see atheists discussing sports. Since atheists (of which I am one) claim to reach conclusions based on the use of logic and reason, can you explain how a) you chose your favorite sport and, b) how exactly you selected your favorite team?

    Or, is the love of a team akin to a religious belief?