Mitt Romney, cocaine smugglers, and how morality really works for the right wing.

Uh oh!  Mitt Romney was bad!

Mitt Romney recently attended a campaign rally in Florida that was hosted by a man who was part of a drug ring that was caught trying to smuggle over 2,000 pounds of cocaine into America.

Reinaldo Bermudez, 38, is the owner of Palacio de los Jugos, located in Miami, Florida. Bermudez was a member of a gang that was arrested in 1997 for trying to smuggle over a ton of cocaine into The United States. He served 3 years in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

Now, do I care that Mitt Romney did this?  Not one lick.  But you know that if Obama had done it the wingers and FOX News would be incomprehensible through their frothing mouths.

And yet, when Mitt does it, I’m sitting here waiting for the outrage and there’s…nothing.  Nary a peep.  And so now I just sit and wait for them to tell me how morality is absolute because of god…

  • anteprepro

    Right-Wing Absolute Morality is Christian Absolute Morality. And Christian Absolute Morality is only Absolute for those filthy OTHER people who don’t a Get Out of Morality Free card from White Blue-Eyed Republican Jesus Himself. I assume that Republicans put in extra money to have extra good Get Out of Morality Free cards, since, for some reason, liberal Christians’ Get Out of Morality Free cards don’t seem quite as effective. Go figure.