Open NFL thread.

Mwahahahahaha!  Is it ever boasting time on my NFL picks!

Last week:

My player-to-watch was Matthew Stafford, who went 33/42 with a touchdown.  I’m calling that one a win.  1-2 on my player-to-watch picks this year.

And people thought I was mad to pick the Bengels to upset the Redskins.  Well who’s mad now?  2-1 on upset picks for the year.  :)

This week:

Player to watch: Aaron Rodgers.  He’s been somewhat anemic this year, but I think he breaks out against a struggling Saints defense this week.

Upset pick:  You heard it here first – the New York Jets beat the San Francisco 49ers.

Points for discussion:

Where will the Saints finish the season?  Of the Saints, Packers, and Patriots, do any of them get things turned around?  Which one(s)?

Of the Falcons, Cardinals, and Texans, do any of them crumble as the season goes forward?  Which one(s)?

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