Open NFL thread.

Mwahahahahaha!  Is it ever boasting time on my NFL picks!

Last week:

My player-to-watch was Matthew Stafford, who went 33/42 with a touchdown.  I’m calling that one a win.  1-2 on my player-to-watch picks this year.

And people thought I was mad to pick the Bengels to upset the Redskins.  Well who’s mad now?  2-1 on upset picks for the year.  :)

This week:

Player to watch: Aaron Rodgers.  He’s been somewhat anemic this year, but I think he breaks out against a struggling Saints defense this week.

Upset pick:  You heard it here first – the New York Jets beat the San Francisco 49ers.

Points for discussion:

Where will the Saints finish the season?  Of the Saints, Packers, and Patriots, do any of them get things turned around?  Which one(s)?

Of the Falcons, Cardinals, and Texans, do any of them crumble as the season goes forward?  Which one(s)?

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  • Justin P

    Aaron Rodgers, my #1 pick this year better bust out this week. It’s been quite a disappointment thus far. But you’re right, Saints D, in better words, pretty much suck. So I’m feeling good about him today.

    I think the Falcons are the bust out team this year, and I think the Packers are the only ones who have the ability to turn it around.

  • Rebecca Hensler

    Looking forward to the Raiders/Broncos game. My team against my favorite QB playing for their rivals. I predict a Raider lead through the 3rd quarter, but Peyton shines in the 4th quarter while the Raiders tend to fall apart.

  • Rich Stage

    Gonna have to go against you on the Jets/49ers pick, JT. After the drubbing mah Vikes pasted on SF last week, they’ll be out for blood.

    Also, I don’t see the Packers coming out of the NFC North this year. Apart from always rooting against GB, there’s just too much talent in Detroit and Chicago for anyone to walk through like they used to do. The Patriots, out of those three, has a better chance to turn it around. The Saints are falling apart at the seams.

  • PhillyD

    Jets over the Niners…mmmmhm.

  • Barry

    NFL? I’ll stick with rugby, thanks.

  • Kodie

    I don’t really follow the stats and matches of football from week to week, but I have a football problem. I take too much delight from the Pats losing to the Giants in now 2 Super Bowl match-ups since I moved to Boston 7 years ago. I was never a Giants fan and I’m not one now. I do come from New York State but Boston really feels like my home now. I think I just like it because NE hates NY so much, cries too wet, big salty loser tears and I looooove it. Lose big and pretty please lose to NY. I’m ill. I am sorry to mess up your thread with a non-serious remark about football. I don’t know statistics or how things “shape up” over the season other than W-L, I just root for my home team almost all the way.

  • blotzphoto

    Wow, you completely cursed the Jets today JT. That was the worst offensive performance I’ve seen from the Jets since the early 90′s.

  • Rebecca Hensler

    Wow. Bad Raiders are bad.