Please, please, please read this post.

Please read this post all the way through.  It’s short.

Camp Quest and the Secular Student Alliance, along with Foundation Beyond Belief, were nominated by Chase employees for the Chase Community Giving program.  Here’s the deal: Chase doles out $5 million dollars to groups that were nominated.  The organizations get a portion of that cash based on how many votes they get on facebook.

Here’s the breakdown:

$250,000 to the Charity receiving the most votes
$100,000 to the next ten runners-up Charity
$50,000 to the next thirty-five runners–up Charity
$20,000 to the next fifty runners-up Charities
$10,000 to the next one-hundred runners-up

I’d like to direct you guys back to what I said about Camp Quest recently:

I will make an additional, personal plea on behalf of Camp Quest.  They are behind the other three organizations yet, in my estimation, they are atop the pile in terms of importance.  Go vote for them.  It will take you maybe, maybe sixty seconds to click “allow app” and “vote.”  Surely if you give the first shit about this culture war you can spare sixty seconds.  You could also go the extra mile and tell your friends to vote for them.

Amanda Metskas, the Executive Director of Camp Quest, has a near-magical ability to make money go further than anybody else thought it could.  She will do wonders with the kind of money Camp Quest could win here.

And, if you’re looking to donate, trust her with your money.  You won’t regret it.

Right now Camp Quest has 1,404 votes.  That’s all.  Only 1,404 for one of the most important things the atheist movement can be doing.  I know a lot of the readers here have gone and voted, but they need more! Camp Quest only needs to gain 100 more votes on the group presently at the $20k barrier to go from $10,000 to $20,000.  That’s a lot of money, especially in the hands of Amanda Metskas.

Please, please, please, if you haven’t, go do it.  It won’t take a dime out of your day.  It might, if you’re slow, take a whole minute.  That little click is not meaningless.  In fact, it means a ton!  If you care about this movement, this is a way to make a potentially enormous impact with a minimal amount of effort.

And please, please, please share this information.  Get everyone you know to vote.  Voting ends tomorrow and they need as many votes as possible before then.  If we can’t get more than 1500 people to click “yes, I’d like Camp Quest to have 10,000 more dollars” then there’s something really wrong with atheist activism.

And, if you want to go the extra mile, toss a vote at the other atheist orgs while you’re at it.  If the Secular Student Alliance drops a couple more spots they lose $30,000.  If Camp Quest is important to you, it should be equally important to put some bucks into the hands of the organization that helps these kids when they get a little older.

To vote for Camp Quest, click here.

To vote for the Secular Student Alliance, click here.

To vote for Foundation Beyond Belief, click here.

Also Chase customers can vote twice more at

Thank you, everyone.  *hug*


They’re in!  It didn’t take long to move Camp Quest into the $20k bracket.  Now we have to keep them there.

But let’s not stop, eh?  Apparently well over 100 clicks is easy.  Right now Camp Quest is at 1551 votesThey’ll need about 3k (maybe slightly more) total votes to move into the $50k bracket.  That means they need another 1500 votes.  There are undoubtedly 1500 atheists out there with 60 spare seconds.  If all the readers of this site alone voted we’d have way more than enough votes.

Vote here!  Vote here!  And tell your friends.  We have until the end of tomorrow to make this happen!


About JT Eberhard

When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • Molch


    • JT Eberhard

      Thank you so much!

  • Charlie Kilian

    I’m out of votes, sadly. :/

    • JT Eberhard

      It’s ok soldier, you’ve done your part. /salute

  • Amanda Metskas

    Thanks to everyone who is voting! You all rock! If you’re already voted, and you want to help us out more, share your vote (Chase puts a link on the FB page where you voted) and earn a bonus vote!
    Also Chase customers can vote twice more at :)

    • JT Eberhard

      Added that bit to the post.

  • ResearchToBeDone

    The allow app button doesn’t seem to do anything for me. Can’t figure out how to get it to let me vote.

    • Nate Frein

      I had this problem with Chrome. I had to load up the page in opera to get it to work.

      • Amanda Metskas

        Thanks, I know some folks were having trouble with Safari too. I’m finding Firefox works well.

        • ResearchToBeDone

          Firefox worked for me, too. Thanks!

      • Wren

        Thank you! I’ve tried every day to click these links, but it never worked! Dammit Chrome!

  • Ibis3

    Does anyone know if I share my link, will people be able to tell what my identity is Facebook?

    • JT Eberhard

      How do you mean?

      • Ibis3

        I use a pseudonym on Twitter. If I tweet the link I got when I voted (or post it here or elsewhere) and someone uses it, will my RL Facebook name be visible to them?

        • JT Eberhard

          I…don’t think so. But I’m not sure. Can anyone else answer this? :( Sorry.

  • CoboWowbo

    Already voted.

  • sqlrob

    No facebook account, sorry.

  • ganner

    My votes went in for FBB and SSA

    • JT Eberhard

      You can share your votes to get a third one. Please do it. Camp Quest needs it!

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  • Reera the Red

    I’d be glad to help, and in fact had given it a try the last time you posted about this. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to vote if you don’t have a Facebook account; at least, I wasn’t able to find one.

  • Katy

    Voted yesterday for Camp Quest and the SSA. As of right now, CQ is at number 85 on the list, with 1855 votes. Looks like they need to get 3570 (assuming nothing else changes in between) to get up to number 46…

    • Anonymous Atheist

      It’s always changing, as the other competing organizations continue to get votes too. The current #46 has already received another 200ish votes in the past 4 hours since the last leaderboard update. At this point we’ll be lucky to even keep SSA from falling below #46 (its position at the last leaderboard update as #44 vs becoming #47 was by a very slim margin of 46 votes).

  • NakedAnthropologist

    I got my votes in just in time – whew!

  • CameronW

    Voted! Also thank you very very much for your blogs. Being able to have access to this sort of information is invaluable. I cannot express my appreciation enough.

  • Dan

    No facebook account so I cannot vote, sorry =/