Priest talks about the cover-up of pedophilia within the Catholic church.

It’s strange.  A Catholic commenter recently assured me that, in talking about the problem of protecting pedophiles in the Catholic church, that I, “missed the last 20 years worth of changes in Canon Law, which have led to the *first* thing Catholics do when a priest is accused, is call the police.”

However, Rev. Thomas P. Doyle, O.P. is a priest who tells a very different story.

It turns out that the Catholic church leaders saying they’ll start calling the police on child-raping priests is tantamount to politicians telling us they’ll stop lying.  After having your trust abused enough times, you must believe the actions are telling the truth, not the words.

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  • Randomfactor

    And since it’s written right down there in the rules, there’s no reason to believe the church won’t follow through. They really, really, really promise this time. And next time. And the time after that.

    The Roman Catholic Church has about a century more of penance to do before they can say “trust us” with anything like a straight face.

  • Parse

    I just rewatched the South Park movie last night, and I can’t help but think of Hussain’s big number, “I Can Change.”

  • Ted Seeber

    I’d point out that Doyle left *PRIOR* to the changes. But oddly enough, I agree with Randomfactor- it’s going to take *generations* to erase the damage of the Baby Boomer Sexual Libertines from our culture- including the Catholic Priests who went down that path. I don’t expect to see reality on this issue within my lifetime- because right behind the Catholic Church are the Boy Scouts, the Public School System, the Universities, the Police, the Governments, and even the Atheists (when was the last time you had to pass a background check to speak for the SSA?)

    • Improbable Joe

      Funny how you blame both rapists priests, and your desire to shield them from punishment, on people OUTSIDE OF the Catholic child sex cult. “Funny” meaning “depraved indifference” obviously. There’s something wrong with your amoral approach to the issue.

    • Rob

      That’s funny, I didn’t know raping children was something done during the sexual revolution. Learn something new every day.

      • Improbable Joe

        Mostly by Catholic priests. Apparently they saw adult men and adult women having sex without shame, and were therefore driven to rape children. Don’t ask me to explain it either, I’m not a pedophile/rapist or pedophile/rape apologist. I’m sure Ted Seeber will be back around to explain it to us, since he’s perfectly comfortable with the Catholic child rape cult.

    • anteprepro

      I forget: What part of the Sexual Revolution said that children were fair game? Which part said that you were allowed to rape people? I must have missed that part of the 60′s. Good thing that perfectly honest child rape covering up institution, The Catholic Church, can set us straight on that matter of recent history. Good work, Professor Assclown!

  • Ted Seeber

    He left prior to much of the current climate being implimented. BTW- did you pass a background check against pedophilia to become a Patheos blogger?

    • Kaoru Negisa

      Do Patheos bloggers regularly have contact with children? I know in the SCA I had to have a background check to work on children’s activities. Because it requires working with children. See the difference?

    • John Horstman

      Does being a Patheos blogger give one unquestionable authority over children that one could easily abuse to rape them and keep it quite? Does Patheos have a decades-long history of protecting, masking, and otherwise enabling child-rapists? No? Bad analogy, then.

      As for the 60′s sexual revolution being the cause, you need to Google “sexual consent” and figure out the difference between rape and consensual sex. Certainly for the sake of any sexual partners you might have. It’s almost like you’re being willfully obtuse…

    • hotshoe

      Oh, look who it is – it’s the piece of filth in apparently-human form, Ted Seeber, back for another insinuation that our host might be an immoral child abuser just like Ted’s favorite priest is.
      Do you have to practice to be so despicable, Ted, or were you born that way?

  • Rogier van Vugt

    Actually, when Mary MacKillop was made a saint in Australia some stories came out that she had a falling out with church authorities for some time based on her accusations of pedophilia of some priests.
    This was around 1870.
    So there’s little new under the sun.

    • Rob

      IIRC there’s documented evidence going back millenia, so 1870 itself was nothing new under the sun.

  • anteprepro

    Aww. Isn’t Ted Seeber such an adorable piece of shit? Might I suggest that certain low-level trolls be forced to add warning labels to their ‘nyms in order to be allowed to continue commenting? Because I have the perfect title for Mr. Seeber:

    Ted Seeber, Child Rape Apologist. It has a real ring to it.

    • ACN

      If he has such a difficult time distinguishing raping children from consensual sex between adults, I don’t see why we even need to have him around. Let him piss in his own cesspool.

      • Drakk

        I kinda think of him as the new Mark, to be honest.

        • anteprepro

          That’s very generous of you. Even when he was just sneering about nothing in particular, Mark had more of substance to say than Seeber. Even when Mark was bragging about Eating Chicken to support Homophobia, he was less of a slimeball than Seeber. It is shocking, to say the least, but it’s true.

  • BeeKer

    Let us be kind to Ted He likely gets his news from Fox and his faith filtered through Opus Dei. I never saw a hint of child abuse in my very Catholic childhood in the 50′s and 60′s but believe very strong nuns ( IHM ) had our backs.

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