Skepticon 5 updates.

The Skepticon team just rolled out a bunch of announcements.

First, Surly Amy has created a series of necklaces for Skepticon 5.  The top ten donors for the month of September will receive one.  The top 5 will get their pick, then the other five will be sent one at random.

You may notice that there are eleven in that picture though.  The eleventh will be given away at random to one lucky donor.  If you donated before or if you donate at the door, you will be eligible for the remaining necklace.

That means you have less than a week to get your donations in!  Skepticon was created with the ideal of being a rock star atheist convention for everyone, and that includes the haves and the have nots.  The free price tag to get in can only happen when people who can afford it pitch in.  If you’ve got some bucks, toss it in.  Our movement benefits.

Next, Skepticon is raising money for travel grants.  A few of the applicants are now featured on their website.  One of them has already been met, and two more remain.  Read their stories and decide if you want to donate specifically to getting one of the less wealthy atheists in the country to the event.

Last, the roomshare/rideshare page is up.  Looking to get a lift down to Springfield for Skepticon 5 or need a place to crash in order to save money?  Check in here.  If you are driving and have an extra seat or if you’re willing to let people create a huge cuddle pile on your hotel room floor so they can attend Skepticon 5, let people know by clicking the link above.

The best part of Skepticon is watching the movement come together to help make it happen.  The energy is so positive, and I think it comes from everybody working together.  The organizing team puts in the effort, but Skepticon has grown to belong to the attendees as well as to the staff.  Everybody gets each other’s back there, and the result is repeatedly the most enjoyable event, at least for me, year after year.  It has exceeded all of my dreams for what it could ever be.  Thank you, everybody.

One final word to the wise: the main conference hotel (University Plaza) is full and the overflow hotels (Holiday Inn Express and Rail Haven Inn) are getting that way.  If you’re attending, please register here and start thinking very seriously about getting your lodging squared away.  The Holiday Inn Express is within walking distance of the convention center.  The Rail Haven is about a mile away, but is a great hotel with a super cheap rate.

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