Texas school expanding corporal punishment.

What do places more governed by the ancient tenets of America’s favorite religion look like?

Well, like ancient eras worming their way into this one.

But when two teenage girls there reportedly suffered bruises after being paddled by male assistant principals, some parents complained. They weren’t upset about the punishment itself, but instead that the school violated the policy requiring an educator of the same sex as the student to dole out the paddling.

So the school district has changed its policy – to expand, not abolish, corporal punishment. Board members voted Monday night to let administrators paddle students of the opposite sex, after Superintendent Michael Kelley cited a lack of women administrators to carry out spankings.


The part that really made me depressed for Texas was a mother’s response to her 16 year-old daughters getting spanked.

Cathi Watt, whose daughter was one of the two girls recently paddled, said Tuesday that she’s OK with paddlings in schools “because they need it once in a while, and I got them when I was a kid.” But she said the male administrator used too much force, so she does not support the new policy.

Whoa!  Someone hit your daughter and it left bruises?  It’s like violence hurts or something.

Also, you’re worried that your daughter is being hit too hard, but not that some old male administrator is spanking a 16 year-old girl; your 16 year-old girl?  There’s a reason that videos of male authority figures spanking female teens are classified as pornography, lady.  They’ve actually managed to make beating your daughter even more odious and you didn’t even notice.

At least there are a few people in Texas capable of noticing the obvious.

“It is never OK to hit a child. … Men should not be padding teenage girls, because there is a sexual connotation with teen girls but also with teen boys,” said Jimmy Dunne, president of People Opposed to Paddling Students.

State Rep. Alma Allen, D-Houston, thinks schools should never spank children, but her bill to abolish corporal punishment in Texas schools never passed. She said the compromised version of her bill, which did become law, was that parents could opt in.

“Parents can choose whether to spank their children at home,” Allen said. “When you send a child to school, it should be a place to be motivated – not a place to be beaten.”

Sadly, they are vastly outnumbered by the people who think “spare the rod” in a book containing the contradictory and morally inept ramblings of ancient people makes beating children a positive for their community.


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