The Zelda Project.

Two days in a row, two posts about art.  Geez, am I cultured.

There is a photo project going on in California right now that seeks to recreate the world of Hyrule.  The artists behind the Zelda Project are combining still-life photography with CGI and they have come up with some positively gorgeous photos!

Check it out.

Point for discussion: which was the best Zelda game of all time?  I’m going with Link to the Past.  That game was amazing!

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  • Trucreep

    Ocarina of Time :) Best game EVER

  • eric

    Link’s Awakening

  • Lyfa

    The first one made “the leged of Zelda” has a speacial place in my heart. beyond that, I’ll second ocarina of time.

  • Glodson

    My two year old daughter loves these. She is a big fan of Wind Waker. She insists on calling Link “Zelba,” but she’s decided she’s a princess with a sword. I’m quite proud.

  • Reality Enthusiast

    Beautiful pics. I can’t wait for Zelda on WiiU in HD!

    My favorite Zelda game is A Link to the Past. The thrill of exploration, adventure, and discovery was so high I used to set an alarm and wake up hours before school started so that I could squeeze more playtime into my weekdays. Majora’s Mask is my second-favorite. The always-impending apocalypse in MM kept the fleeting nature of the characters’ lives at the forefront of my mind, which made me care more about them. Plus the bosses were fun, and the ending was emotional.

  • Rowan

    Also a shout out to Z.R.E.O. – orchestral renditions of the music of the Zelda world (Gerudo Valley Redux is especially awesome.)

    Also, I think I prefer Link to the Past over Ocarina of Time, but only slightly.

    Hmm, how bout worst Zelda title? (Zelda CDI doesnt count), I’m thinking either Links Awakening or Wind Waker.

  • Stogoe

    I’m going to have to go with Link’s Awakening or Ocarina of Time as best Zelda Evar. I never had a SNES and playing LttP after OoT, it just doesn’t have the same nostalgia resonance for me that it does for a lot of people.

    Worst Zelda Ever is probably the Oracle games. Or Link Drives a Train (No Overworld!?)

  • Einander

    Skyward Sword. If you haven’t played it, do so. It’s one of the most loving treatments of an old series I’ve seen.