These people are an embarrassment to this movement and to humanity.

So Jen McCreight has decided to leave blogging for a bit.  I’m glad.  I’m glad because I care for my friend and I realize that, as great as she is, that she’s worth nothing to us if she’s only writing because it’s easier than the guilt of not writing.  We all care about this movement, sometimes so much that we’ll sacrifice our own well-being to serve it.  This is what Jen is doing with her depression.  It’s time for her to step away.  We will all be waiting for her upon her return.

Her depression is being exacerbated by a cabal of cruel people so full of hate for another human being that they’ll celebrate someone else’s misery just to be shed of their voice on ideas they don’t like.  Those people are evil.

Jen is one of my best friends in this movement.  We don’t always agree, and that’s ok.  Other bloggers have cataloged the shit that Jen has had to put up with, so I won’t rehash that here.  What I will do is lend one more voice stating the obvious: the people who have harassed her into quitting are inhuman shitbags.  As the atheism movement gets bigger, the tiny percentage of just rotten folks will continue to be comprised of more and more people who would sooner destroy a person than an idea.  Those people don’t deserve this community.

There can certainly be atheists who are terrible people.  After all, my position has always been that reason and compassion are what makes you a good person.  If you’re reasonable without compassion, you’re a monster.  If you’re compassionate without reason, ditto.  There are undoubtedly atheists who are neither reasonable or compassionate, and they are just as much of an embarrassment to humanity as the wicked believers.  They deserve just as much disdain from us.

Regardless of what you think about feminism or what you think about Atheism plus, if you’re a decent person you must agree that compassion is key to a better world, and the people harassing Jen are unconscionable.  They won’t care that someone else said so, but I at least wanted to add my voice to the crescendo condemning them.

Fuck each and every one of ‘em.

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When not defending the planet from inevitable apocalypse at the rotting hands of the undead, JT is a writer and public speaker about atheism, gay rights, and more. He spent two and a half years with the Secular Student Alliance as their first high school organizer. During that time he built the SSA’s high school program and oversaw the development of groups nationwide. JT is also the co-founder of the popular Skepticon conference and served as the events lead organizer during its first three years.

  • SpaceGhoti
  • otocump

    Fuck em all. All these douchebags, seriously. First I woke up to the PQ shootings in Quebec, then I read this. Thats a large amount of frustration to start the day…I think I need to go outside and hit something with a wooden sword for a while.

  • Samantha

    I agree with you, JT. Give Jen a hug for me. I am not registered at FtB and I have less reason to do so now that you are gone and Jen is on an indefinite hiatus.

    • astro

      I think you have the wrong idea about FtB. They’re the good guys. You might also want to check out why JT left.

      • astro

        -a very amicable parting BTW-

  • Tod

    That is a damn shame, she should definately do what’s right for her, and will be welcomed back when she’s ready..

    On a side note to do with Atheism+, this is a great example of the good guys and gals in the community’s intellectual honesty… We have always said to the religious people who say “well the church may say that but I disagree..” why don’t you leave? why don’t you set up a better church at least?.. well that’s what we are doing, we’re not denying anyone their atheism, but if you want to follow us, we are leaving that outdated thought behind and embracing equality whether that be for women, race or sexual identity or physical ability.. and if your thought processes can’t accomodate these seemingly obvious worthwhile ideals, then they and the sub-par actions that flow from them can stay with you..

    It’s an effort worth making, and the resulting flak you guys are taking as a result only confirms that decision..

  • Improbable Joe

    If you’re feeling like you’re being unfairly criticized by someone like Jen McCreight, and your response is to behave in ways that not only confirm but also go well beyond the initial criticism… well, maybe the criticism wasn’t actually unfair, was it?

    She’ll be missed, and I hope she’ll be happier away from this shit.

  • onamission5

    What that picture of Oprah said. Times a million.
    I keep hope lit, that for every one of the louder voices who get silenced by hate campaigns, a hundred more voices– loud and soft and everywhere inbetween– will come and fill in the gap, overwhelming the haters with their combined strength. I am adding my whisper to the mix because I know I’m not alone. If I can whisper, or even squeak out a shout sometimes, someone maybe will find they have the fortitude in them to whisper, too.

  • Wes

    This is especially ironic given that a lot of the criticism she’s received lately has been that a form of atheism that cares about women is “divisive.” It’s like people can’t see that a community that DOESN’T care about women (or minorities or the disabled or other marginalized groups) divides the movement along those lines. People are shit sometimes, and it hurts even worse when it’s “our” people.

  • Kaoru Negisa

    This pissed me off this morning, especially since Jen was my introduction into this movement. I’m waiting on some asshole to come into this comment thread and start talking about bullying and how Jen should have just focused on lack of belief in god and etc., etc., etc. Where’re the ERVites or Thunderf00t’s moron minions to crow about this? I’m looking for a fight today.

    • Loqi

      You can actually find a few in Jen’s thread. And one clueless “you can’t leave, you’ll just make them stronger!” guy. Some people, even if they can identify the right side, have a lot to learn.

      • Kaoru Negisa

        Thanks, Loq. I think I’m going troll hunting.

        • Loqi

          Happy hunting! I’d join you if I weren’t swamped at work. I’m reading and commenting in the hallways between meetings.

  • Loqi

    It’s depressing how many people are so voiciferously opposed to the idea that women are people.

    • John Horstman

      It still is, sadly, a radical notion.

  • Squiddhartha

    In solidarity with Jen, this made me choose today as the day to launch my own fledgling blog. If all I can do is add my voice to the chorus against the harassment… well, then that’s what I’ll do!

    • blotzphoto

      Excellent! In the RSS. In the words of Jamie Kilstein, Go Fuck Shit Up!

  • Glodson

    What the fuck is wrong with some people? “Hey, I disagree with what you are saying so instead of dealing with what you are saying, I’m just going to terrorize and harass you into silence.”

    Yea, those people shouldn’t belong to any community.

  • IslandBrewer

    Jen, you are, and will continue to be, awesome. I just wish I had mentioned that more often. Love and internet hugs!

  • Gretchen

    I wish these people would just identify themselves and form their own organization already. Call it Atheism Minus. As soon as they have a conference, all of the other secular organizations who give a shit could look at the speaker list and know who to never invite to their own conferences ever again.

  • ginckgo

    Even better than the captioned photo: