Where I’ll be in October.

I’ll be in a bunch of different places speaking about this and that in October.

October 2 – 3 – Rolla, MO speaking to the Secular Student Alliance of Missouri S&T.

Frank Turek is the author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, one of the most effectively vomit-inducing collection of lies and bad arguments in existence.  He’ll be speaking the night of October 2nd.  I’ll be there with my laptop and with the SSA at Missouri S&T.  The next night, October 3rd, I’ll give a talk dissecting Turek’s speech.

Free to get in.  Here’s the facebook event.   My talk will run from 6pm – 7:30pm CDT and will take place in St. Pat’s Ballroom.

October 5 – 7 – Kansas City, MO for the American Atheists Regional Atheist Meeting

This event has a killer assemblage of speakers.  I’ll be doing a workshop with Dr. Dave and fellow Patheos blogger Hemant Mehta on how to kick ass at activism.  Other people you won’t want to miss will be Darryl Ray, Rebecca Watson, Dave Silverman, Katherine Stewart, and Amanda Knief.  After my workshop, I should just be running around free as a bird.  Someone should bring a deck of cards and enough booze to sink a battleship (and hide it from Rebecca Watson, because she can drink that much).

This one is not free to get in, but it’s hella cheap for what you’re getting (especially if you’re a student).  Register and scope out the details here.  Here’s the facebook page.

October 27 – Little Rock, AR for Reason in the Rock

This one is free to get in and the organizers of this first-time event have put together a stellar collection of talent.  Seth Andrews (the Thinking Atheist), Jerry DeWitt, Teresa McBain, Lauren Lane, Aron Ra, and others, including my dear friend and Skepticon co-founder Lauren Lane.

I should let them know that one of my conditions is not following Jerry DeWitt on stage.  That guy is made of charisma.

As with all free-to-enter events, this is done to make atheism as accessible to as many people as possible.  If they don’t raise enough money, it comes out of their own pockets.  Head here to make a donation to the people doing a ton of work for free and to register for the event.  🙂

October 29 – Akron, Ohio for the Akron Secular Student Alliance’s Flying Spaghetti Monster party

This event will be a spaghetti/ravioli dinner to help raise money for the club. Entrance to the party is estimated at $15 they ask that everyone shows up in something flying spaghetti monster/Pirate-related and the best and worst costumes will earn a prize. Costumes are mandatory.

I’ll be talking about my pet subject of why religious arguments fail and will also promote Skepticon 5.  After I yammer they will serve food and show Muppet Treasure Island.  I also suspect there will be piratey carousing on into the night.

I will have more info on how to RSVP soon.

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