You can help give kids the world

This post is going back up today because 1. You can get free pancakes and 2. You can make the world a better place for special kids.

You can help give kids the world!

…and get free pancakes.

Dat’s me!

Hello, everyone! I’m Michaelyn. I’m a student at the University of Kansas studying behavioral neuroscience, the president of our secular student club on campus, and I’m JT’s girlfriend. I don’t write a lot here, but I have something I want you to know, so listen (read) up!

Last summer I volunteered for a week at the Give Kids the World village in Florida. If you don’t know, GKTW is a village where children diagnosed with life threatening illnesses and their families can go. All expenses are paid for the families. They are given VIP passes to all the local parks (Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando Studios, Islands of Adventure, etc) and are treated like royalty inside the village. Each night in the village there are parties and ice cream is available from 7am to 9pm (they’ll serve you ice cream for breakfast). There’s an arcade, an awesome pool, a fishing pond, a theater, a carousel and a park. The families are housed in the village for about a week and are bused to the amusement parks on the days they choose. If the village can arrange something special for the child like meeting their favorite princess or superhero, they do it. Working there was a truly life changing experience. Thinking about the smiles on the faces of those families who had seen such hardships puts tears in my eyes every time.

This place runs on volunteers who staff the parties, the restaurant, the ice cream stand, etc. And they also run on donations.

On Saturday, September 15th, Perkins restaurant is partnering with GKTW. At locations all across the US they’ll be serving free short stacks of their buttermilk pancakes, and in return they’ll ask for a donation of any amount that will go straight to Give Kids The World. That’s right, you get free pancakes AND get to put smiles on the faces of children and their families who really need it. You can click this link to go see if a Perkins near you is participating. I’ll definitely be eating pancakes and handing over some cash a week from this Saturday. I really hope you consider going as well. If you can’t make it to a Perkins but still want to help out, they accept donations at all times on their main website.

At a Perkins in Ohio.
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