Chick-Fil-A wants to have its wedding cake and ban it too.

Remember yesterday when I said I’d believe Chick-Fil-A would change its practices only after I heard it from Dan Cathy’s mouth? (Others said it too.) There was a reason for that.

President Dan Cathy tweeted a photo this week from a Chick-fil-A backed fundraiser for a group once described as antigay by an investigation of the company’s giving.

Dan Cathy tweeted a photo this week from the “WinShape Ride for the Family.”

Although Chick-fil-A supposedly assured a Chicago alderman that it would stop donating to antigay groups, this week it held a fundraiser for one anyway.

The fast food chain promised in a letter to Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno, reported by the Chicago Phoenix, that it would end giving to any groups with “political agendas,” implying it had stopped a practice that had led to about $5 million for antigay groups. But there might be a loophole.

Although the company’s foundation might not be donating directly, Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy tweeted a photo on Tuesday from the 2012 WinShape Ride for the Family. He wrote alongside the picture of a pack of motorcyclists: “WinShape Ride for the Family bikers locked and loaded for 200 mile ride to Wilmington out of Charleston.”

That long ride is a fundraiser for an organization that helps lobby against marriage equality. Registration forms for the event ask that checks be sent, not to the WinShape Foundation that Chick-fil-A operates, but directly to the Marriage and Family Foundation at 5200 Buffington Road in Atlanta, Ga.

The forms say the ride fee is $3,500 for each individual or couple. But sponsorship packages posted online show that organizations could pledge $5,000 for “silver” status, $10,000 for “gold” or $15,000 and more to reach “platinum.” The Chick-fil-A logo accompanies everything, and so does the WinShape name, but it’s unclear whether the foundation continues to make donations.

The Marriage and Family Foundation was not only included in the investigation by Equality Matters of the fast-food chain’s questionable giving history, it was identified as the top antigay recipient in 2010. WinShape had given more than $1 million to the group in 2010 alone.

God must love it when you lie in his name, almost as much as he loves it when you spend enormous sums of money, not on feeding the poor, but on hating gay people.  Biblical principles indeed.

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  • Glodson

    It is good to know that lying to fight gay rights is a thing a good Christian company should do. And it is as some suspected, a ruse to get public pressure off their backs. Too bad people can check shit out, you know?

  • Ross the Boss

    Aww, c’mon, now. Isn’t the more likely reason that it’s something that was already in motion? Give it a week, and if stuff like this continues, then you uphold that boycott.

    I’m still going to hold off until I really feel comfortable going there again… And it ain’t easy when I pass by several of the places during the day. But I’m so stoked that we got them to budge.

    • Buzz Saw

      That was my thought, too. People had likely already paid for it, and if there checks were going to Marriage and Family Foundation, then they would likely have difficulty getting that money back.

      • jatheist

        Then why sent out a tweet announcing the event with such glee?

    • H.H.

      But when you look at what they actually promised, they didn’t actually “budge.” Chik-fil-A agreed not to discriminate against the hiring of homosexuals–something they were never accused of doing in the first place–and they agreed not to fund anti-gay organizations directly, which doesn’t mean much if they are supporting those organizations in other ways. So how did they “budge,” exactly? Seems like business as usual. Giving them credit for promising a whole lot of nothing seems like the reaction they were hoping for.

  • joeclark77

    Hypocrisy is when you claim one set of values and act according to a different set of values.
    It’s not hypocrisy to act entirely consistently with your values and previous statements… while some random Chicago (sleazeball) politician happens to be making up a BS “letter” (no, you can’t see it) from “chik-fil-a” (the company? a local franchise owner? some college kid who works there?) saying that they won’t fund “political” issues.

  • Mark

    I want to see the letter instead of the Mayor’s spin on it.

  • Christoph

    Oh dear, I forgot to make my surprised face.