A meme I made.

Lucifer was totally the hero of that one book…

  • John

    Other important difference. Mr. L is a man of wealth AND taste.

    • Stogoe

      Please, allow him to introduce himself. Mr. L needs no warmup acts.

      • Elerena

        He’s got it pretty rough, though. I really sympathize with the guy.

        • http://yetanotheratheist.com TerranRich

          Woo, woo!

        • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty


        • Chrisj

          Funnily enough, more than one story has been written from that viewpoint, and indeed from the position that he was one or more of innocent, tricked/forced into doing things by god, or actually the goodie.

          And that’s before you start looking at Satanist or Luciferian theology.

  • Zme

    “Deathbird” Harry Harrison

  • Jaime Wise

    Tracking the history of how Lucifer is portrayed in literature is fascinating. I want to do Book club that does just that, anyone want to join?